Road Trip on Chokai Sanroku Line in Akita Prefecture (Part 2)

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Road Trip on Chokai Sanroku Line in Akita Prefecture


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Road Trip on Chokai Sanroku Line in Akita Prefecture (Part 2)

We resume our two-day trip along Yuri Kogen Railway’s Chokai Sanroku Line in Akita Prefecture. On the first day, we have dinner at Hotel Iris’ Sky Restaurant, which boasts a panoramic view of the city. We feast on vegetable terrine, smoked salmon, smoked scallop, mixed salad, grilled sole and Akita Yuri beef steak.

The following day, we savour a breakfast buffet featuring about 20 dishes, while enjoying the view of the Sea of Japan and Koyoshi River which runs through the city. Then, we head to Kubota Station, via the Ugohonjo and Maego stations. After exploring the area around the station and dropping by a traditional house which was built 90 years ago, we take the 11.10am train to Nishitakisawa Station. Our next train only leaves at 1.20pm and we are hungry, so we ask the locals to recommend a place for lunch. They tell us to try the udon and curry at Mizube Plaza, which was previously an old elementary school. The Yuri beef curry and rice costs 400 yen. The beef is cooked with red wine and garlic. The restaurant also sells curry with pork cutlet for 550 yen; and fried rice, grilled rice ball and mini udon for 100 yen each.

From Nishitakisawa, we take the train to Yoshizawa Station, which is just one stop away. We arrive at 1.25pm and walk to the residential area to talk to some locals. A rice farmer recommends a place from where we can see the train running through vast rice fields between the mountains. This typical scenery of Japan warms our hearts.

We head back to Yoshizawa Station and take the 3.15pm train to the next stop, Kawabe Station. We speak to the locals here but have a hard time finding local attractions near the station, so we take the train to Yashima, the terminal station. At Yashima, the residents suggest we go to Kyushudo. It was originally a flower shop which opened 60 years ago. Flowers are still sold at the back of the shop. It is popular with the local children as it now sells stationery and general goods, as well as snacks. One of its best-selling items is the diaper cake. It is actually a gift for newborn babies. The bottom of the cake is made of diapers and it is decorated with various baby items such as shoes, toys and clothes.

After this, we head to a recommended ramen shop, Ebisuya, to try its ginger ramen. However, it is closed so we go to another place suggested by the locals, Fureai Park. From here, we can see Mt. Chokaisan and the Yuri Kogen Railway too. During this two-day trip along Chokai Sanroku Line, we have visited 10 local attractions recommended by the locals.


1) A must-try item in Akita Prefecture is the famous Yuri beef
2) Kids will enjoy browsing around the Kyushudo store at Yashima