Road Trip on Donsan Line In Shikoku (Part 2)

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Road Trip on Donsan Line In Shikoku


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Road Trip on Donsan Line In Shikoku (Part 2)

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We continue our two-day trip to discover tourist sites along the JR Dosan Line in Shikoku. We began our journey at Tadotsu Station in Kagawa and our goal is Kubokawa Station in Kochi. At the end of the first day, we go to the Jouseikan Hotel. From the hotel, we can see the Kochi Castle. The hotel opened in 1874 and has Japanese-style rooms.

On the second day, after a sumptuous breakfast buffet, we go to Kochi Station and take the 8.25am train to Engyojiguchi, two stations away. It is an unstaffed station. We ask some residents to recommend places we can visit. However, as it is still early, none of the restaurants or shops are open. So we decide to catch the 9.40am train to our next destination, Sakawa Station. It is 12 stations ahead so the train ride takes about an hour.

We arrive at Sakawa Station and our next train will leave at around noon. The locals tells us that a famous treat here is a Japanese cake called Sakuramochi. Unfortunately, it is out of season at the moment. They also suggest we check out an eel restaurant called Taishoken. We call the restaurant but it is fully booked. So we eventually end up going to an old residential area called Uemachi. We visit the Makino Museum, which was built in memory of famous botanist Tomitaro Makino. He is also known as the “Father of Japanese Botany” as he had discovered and named many species of plants such as the Yamato-gusa plant. He also introduced Japanese plants to the world and published a book on Japanese flora.

After this, we take the train to Onogo, which is four stations away. We arrive at 12.15pm and have until 1.05pm to explore the area. After speaking to the residents, we go to the recommended Kakashi bento shop which sells a local favourite, fried chicken bento seasoned with soy sauce. The shop sells up to 400 bento boxes each day. We buy a bento box for 460 yen and have our meal in the waiting room of Onogo Station.

Next, we travel by train to Kubokawa, the terminal station of the JR Dosan Line. We enjoy the sea view as the train goes along Tosa Bay. We reach Kubokawa Station after nearly an hour. Here, the residents suggest we check out the Shimantocho town office, which was built two years ago. It has two buildings on opposite sides of the railway. A staff of the town office shows us the assembly hall, which is made of cypress wood from Shimantocho.

The last recommended tourist spot we visit is an eel restaurant near the station. It serves young eel from Shimanto River in Shimantocho and it draws people from other prefectures also. We order the special eel rice box, featuring grilled, Kansai-style eel.


1) Some hotels only serve guests dinner if a booking is made in advance
2) Try the fried chicken bento if you happen to make a stopover at Onogo Station


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