Road Trip on from Kagawa to Hiroshima Prefecture (Part 3)

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ep52: Road Trip on from Kagawa to Hiroshima Prefecture (Part 3)


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Road Trip on from Kagawa to Hiroshima Prefecture (Part 3)

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We continue our three-day journey along the JR Seto-Ohashi Line, JR Sanyo Main Line and JR Kure Line across the Setouchi region. On the second day, after alighting at Ato Station along JR Kure Line, we go to a beauty salon in a building which used to be the Shinkin Bank. The owner recommends we visit the Ato Municipal Elementary School, from where one can see the whole of Ato. The school’s headmaster shows us the best spot to enjoy the beautiful rural landscape of the peaceful town. 

We then take the 4.15pm train from Ato Station to Kure Station. A base of the Maritime Self-Defense Force is located in this city of ships. A resident we speak to recommends we stay at Clayton Bay Hotel. It serves the well-known Kure Navy Curry, which is eaten onboard the ships of the Maritime Self-Defense Force. Clayton Bay is one of the famous resort hotels in Kure City and a night’s stay without meals costs 10,800 yen per person. Overlooking the Seto Inland Sea, it is often used for weddings and has luxurious rooms. A pickup shuttle bus takes us to the hotel. Our room commands a panoramic view of the sea and we can even see a Maritime Self-Defense ship docked at Kure Port.

The Navy Curry is served at the Cote d'Azur cafe and there are various versions of the dish, which are certified by the Self-Defense Force. Example are the Submarine Curry, Kaiji Curry and a green curry served with squid ink-flavoured rice which is popular among children.  

On the third and final day of our journey, we catch the 9.35am train from Kure Station and head to Yoshiura Station, two stops away. On the train, a lady recommends we go to the Yoshino Miso store along the Honmachi shopping street near Yoshiura Station. Opened in 1917, its latest popular product is the Hiroshima lemon hotpot base. Other products include barley miso and combined miso. The miso shop’s owner takes us to the warehouse where the miso is fermented and we get to taste some of the miso. 

After this, we head to Kure-Portopia Station and we have two hours to spend here until the 1.35pm train. A local tells us about an okonomiyaki place called Ikkyu. It serves okonomiyaki with udon as well as yakisoba noodles. After trying both versions, we take the train from Kure-Portopia and go to Yano Station. We arrive at 1.50pm and the next train from here will leave at 3.55pm. We find out about a Shinto shrine called Ozaki which offers a nice view of the entire town of Yano. It is located deep in the mountains and we need to climb up to reach the shrine. 

After praying at Ozaki Shrine, we head to the terminal station, Hiroshima. At the station, we ask a local about famous spots. We are told about a chicken restaurant called Carp Dori, inspired by the Hiroshima Toyo Carp baseball team. This is the main branch of the restaurant chain, which has 13 shops in the prefecture. Each dish is named after a Carp player, with the most popular being Seiya Suzuki - a three-layer meat dish with perilla leaves. 


1)    A must-try dish at the Clayton Bay Hotel is the Kure Navy Curry
2)    Fans of the Hiroshima Toyo Carp baseball team should visit the Carp Dori restaurant in Hiroshima