Tsunamis: Facing A Global Threat

Tsunamis: Facing A Global Threat


It's one of the deadliest natural phenomena on the planet. Tsunamis are so sudden and powerful that in a matter of a few hours they can destroy everything and disappear. Today, tomorrow, in a month or a year from now, somewhere on the planet, a series of huge waves moved by an incredible energy will submerge coastlines and may crush everything in their way.

What can we do to ready ourselves against that natural disaster? How can we deal with it and protect ourselves better?

Nowadays, scientists understand better the phenomenon and develop models of tsunami's dynamics. Where a tsunami has struck once, another one will strike again. It’s a matter of time.

Thanks to exclusive rights to access Palu, in Indonesia, where a violent tsunami stormed the region in 2018, we were able to conduct field surveys with leading international experts. We took part in the scientific reconstruction of the chain of events and drew certain conclusions for the near future. Our investigation reveals the complex mechanics of tsunamis, explains the most advanced prevention technologies and lets viewers discover the most likely potential scenarios.

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