Ecological Tour of the Southernmost Cape

Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only)

Welcome to Taiwan
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Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only):

Ecological Tour of the Southernmost Cape

Kenting has always been a popular holiday destination. Water sports and good food aside, this city located at the southern tip of Taiwan also offers many other fun-filled activities.

Situated near Kenting Forest Recreation Area, Sheding Nature Park covers an area of ​​128 hectares. With its diverse ecology, the park dedicates itself particularly to the protection and study of Formosan spotted deer. It has a long history of more than 30 years, thus earning the reputation as Taiwan's Deer Paradise.

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The beautiful environment of Kenting attracts both animals and Man. In their bid to build dream homes, many have come to start guesthouses here. An old banjo evokes a flood of memories. Folk songs are alive, and they can express joy and sorrow. Let the people of Hengchun serenade you with self-composed tunes which reflect the vicissitudes of life.

The expansive Houbihu Marina is a natural coral reef lagoon, giving life to rich marine biodiversity. Sea anemones, sea cucumbers, sea hares, starfish and giant clams. Visit this beautiful intertidal zone of Daguang. You will get to taste the freshest fishermen’s catch.

Manzhou Township is known as the Hometown of Pasture, occupying the largest cultivated area in Pingtung County. Its lush greenery is reminiscent of a European countryside, thus earning another name of Little Switzerland of Taiwan. Manzhou Community was a historical settlement, with many old houses preserved. In the movie, Cape No. 7, Tomoko’s grandma lives here. Starting from the religious centre, Zhaoling Temple, our guide will take us on a historical bike tour through the community.

Gangkou Village is the gateway to Manzhou Township and boasts the famous landmark, Gangkou Suspension Bridge, and the Three Treasures of Hengchun – organic Gangkou tea, onions and agave. With an unforgettable taste, the mellow Gangkou tea which compares with the hospitality of Hengchun is a must-try.

Shuiwaku Community (Frog Town) prides itself on a deer population that is larger than the human’s. The great prairie is home to the Sika deer. Want to catch a glimpse of it? Wake up early. As we transport 300 kg worth of forage and catch fish fry with the Sea Prince, we are serenaded by the emotional voice of a bass singer who sings the love for his homeland.

Follow us on an incredible ecological tour around the capes of Kenting now!

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