Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Part 1

Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only)

Welcome to Taiwan
Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Part 1


Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only):

Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Part 1

Dapeng Bay is at the junction of Donggang and Linbian, Pingtung, southwest of Taiwan. It is a water paradise where you can sweat it out, be awed by the thrill of windsurfing, or hop on a bike and ride around the lagoon to admire its marvellous sceneries, as well as mangrove swamps.

Our good friend could not resist bringing us to a fish farm. Within the tranquillity, there were surprises – a boat-shaped guesthouse and a sand kiln on the beach.

Captivating Venice-like beaches, romantic white lighthouse and wonderous rock formations - this is Little Liuqiu Island, the place that makes me dance like a little girl. First-timers can check out the island on an electric scooter. You can either swim with the turtles for a magical experience, scoot leisurely around the island, or join a tidal-zone eco-tour to say hello to the sea animals.

Do not leave without visiting the old streets or the most famed and delicious “Ma Hua Juan”, a lightly sweetened fried dough twist and the Little Liuqiu sausages.

“Burning of the Wang Yeh Boat” is Little Liuqiu’s largest and grandest folk festival.  Held every 3 years, many locals return home to celebrate this sacred festival. Even the fishing boats out at sea will return to for this celebration. The locals get to continue their tradition and culture, while the community bonds together.

Dapeng Bay is blessed with stunning natural landscapes and extraordinary people.

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