East Coast National Scenic Area Part 1

Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only)

Welcome to Taiwan
East Coast National Scenic Area Part 1


Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only):

East Coast National Scenic Area Part 1

The East Coast National Scenic Area definitely tops the first 3 on the list for fun-loving travelers and also solo-travelers seeking some peace. Stretching more than 170 kilometres, be captivated by the costal terraces and azura skies. The abundance of fishing villages which stood the test of time and teeming distinctive churches, have captured the hearts of many.

Meet Gao, a new immigrant, who gave up being a boss. Together with his family, they moved to Taitung, and slowed down their pace to lead a tranquil and leisurely lifestyle.

Visit the underwater theme park to enrich your understanding of marine life.

Along Xiuguluan River to the mountain, lives the Amis people. The East Coast is their primary homeland and because of their late development, many of their traditions and culture are still preserved. Enter their village for the most original experience of the Amis Tribe.

Hop onto a boat to visit Green Island and its landmark – Green Island Lighthouse. An entirely snow-white building, it makes a good photo spot. Take photos with the prominent pug and sleeping rocks, against a background of the pristine oceans. Spook yourself at the Green Island Human Rights Memorial Park which holds a dark history as the largest political prison.

Put on life jackets and jump into the sea around Green Island. Bask in the sun, feel the fishes and enjoy the perfect beauty of the east coast of Taiwan.

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