Hualien: Whirling Waves of Pacific Ocean Part 2

Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only)

Welcome to Taiwan
Hualien: Whirling Waves of Pacific Ocean Part 2


Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only):

Hualien: Whirling Waves of Pacific Ocean Part 2

Hualien is gifted with stunning natural beauty and never fails to fascinate. This episode of Welcome 2 Taiwan kickstarts the exploration of Hualien on the comfort of a luxurious cruise liner! Hailing from Japan, Lina cruise-liner is Taiwan’s latest and most novel travelling experience. Other than its latest navigation equipment, the cabins are larger and more comfortable. Be sure to enjoy the beautiful scenery while on board the ferry!

From Su’ao Harbour to Hualien, it only takes a short 2-hour ferry ride. In Hualien, continue to enjoy the laid-back Hualien Harbour on a two-wheeler. The “Binhai bicycle path” is a picturesque stretch of coastline, overseeing a bird’s eye view of the Hualien Harbour. Further up, the beautiful blue sky meets the endless Pacific Ocean.

At the banks Meilun Creek, there is the “Japanese government quarter group”. Established during the Japanese Occupation, it serves as a window on Hualien’s history and cultural development. Feel the peculiar atmosphere of the Japanese-style dormitory that was once residence to the military commander and military officers. In stark contrast, the Pine Garden, also built on Meilun Creek, exudes a more relaxing feel.

Located on a strip of land between the Central Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean, there are many ways to explore Hualien Harbour, such as going on a yacht and sailing on the Pacific Ocean. Let the wild, happy dolphins surprise you from every possible direction!

Originally a quiet fishing village, Seven Stars Bay features a beautiful pebble shore that stretches to the wide expanse and blueness of the Pacific Ocean. Besides stargazing, it also makes a splendid destination for a relaxing holiday. A coffee connoisseur? Seven Stars Bay is a lovely place to spend a lazy afternoon with a cup of coffee added with goat’s milk.

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