Kingdom of Woodcarving Welcomes You

Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only)

Welcome to Taiwan
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Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only):

Kingdom of Woodcarving Welcomes You

To see the best of this mountain town, take the steam locomotive which travels along the old mountain line - CK124! The billowing black smoke and shrilling train siren are phenomena of the past after railway electrification in 1979. Railway fans hold the CK124 steam engine in the highest regard. A steam train ride seems to take us back in time. The nostalgic smell of soot and beautiful scenery of the mountain line makes the ride worthwhile. Arrive at the most well-known Shengxing Station and admire the charm of western Taiwan as you stand at the highest point of this railway line.

Woodcarving has placed Sanyi on the international platform. For over a century, this tradition continues to thrive. Even today, more than half of the Sanyi villagers are still devoted to woodcraft. Among these craftsmen who hammer away diligently, some prefer to make furniture from recycled wood. Others use the chisel, but Brother Miao made his mark with a saw. Every log has its individual texture and pattern, and to him, this leaves room for imagination and appreciation.

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Shuimei Street, where the wood sculptures of Sanyi gather, intrigues both artists and non-artists. To gain a deeper understanding of Sanyi's woodcarving culture, be sure to visit the exceptional Sanyi Wood Carving Museum! Trees pamper humans with the greatest gift of all – oxygen. Show your appreciation and spend your vacation admiring the trees and all they can offer in a Sanyi theme park - West Lake Resortopia.
Sanyi definitely offers much more than this theme park. Venture into the forests up the mountain for a refreshing experience. What does a sky castle look like? Deep in the mountain lies a castle that embraces the blue sky and surrounds Carp Lake. In the castle, you can feel the perfect harmony between Man and nature. “I bought this forest plot because of an owl.” Mr Zhuo, a landscaping artist, grew tired of city life and decided to build a dream village in the woods of Sanyi. The natural beauty of lakes and forests, the simplicity of farmhouse architecture, the memories of Taiwan’s past and present – they surpass the luxury that 5-star hotels can offer.

Let’s embark on a soot-filled but heavenly journey in a steam train down the old mountain line. Admire the intricate wood sculptures along Shuimei Street, learn how they boosted Sanyi’s economy at the Museum, witness a duck race at the theme park, enjoy a feast in the sky castle, experience a healthy lifestyle and admire beautiful nature at a farm in the woods. Sanyi, the Kingdom of Woodcarving brings you the most unique break in Taiwan

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