Maolin National Scenic Area Part 2

Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only)

Welcome to Taiwan
Maolin National Scenic Area Part 2


Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only):

Maolin National Scenic Area Part 2

Beautiful and colourful glass beads are a representation of the Paiwan culture; like the Maolin National Scenic Area, both are showcases of their uniqueness, in their own way.

A beautiful day starts up a good holiday. Get charged up at the Maolin National Scenic Area, the southern side of Taiwan. Hailed as a highlight, make Longtoushan your 1st stop - inhale the dragon’s breath and be a king! Next, “suspend” yourself at Taiwan’s highest suspension bridge – Duona Suspension Bridge. Brace yourself, not just for the height, but also the unforgettable panoramic views.

Shy, magnificent, invigorating, carefree are used to describe the elegant Liangshan Waterfall. Pick a spot, relax and relish the mist-like waterdrops from the mighty cascading waters. Little wonder ancient heroes healed themselves inside the caves of waterfalls. Truly revitalizing for the body and soul!

Sandimen, on the east of Pingtung, is a home to the Paiwan Tribe. The talented and artistic aboriginal community works very hard to continue the legacy of Paiwan culture. Today, Paiwan glass beads have been given a new lease of life to become an art!

It is a truly special night, with the beauty of the tribe shining through the stringed glass beads, exquisitely crafted cowhide depicting the feelings of the tribe people, dining with Mrs Wu and enjoying a healthy spread. I have been recharged and inspired by the Paiwan people.

Chen Cheng is a retired educator from Maolin, whose love for the butterflies is so deep that he set out to conserve them. Let’s join him at the Purple Butterfly Valley to visit his good friends - the purple crow butterflies.

Maolin National Scenic Area is an important habitat for the fluttering butterflies. The area, though badly struck by Typhoon Morakot, continues to flourish as a landmark in southern Taiwan.

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