North Coast and Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Part 1

Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only)

Welcome to Taiwan
North Coast and Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Part 1


Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only):

North Coast and Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Part 1

Feast your eyes on the breath-taking horizonless, Azura Sea as you drive on Provincial Highway 2 towards Jinshan, Shimen and Sanzhi.

Yehliu Geopark, a famous wonder, is home to many well-known eroded rock formations. The results of the natural geological processes have created many surprises. The most iconic rock is the “Queen’s Head”. 

Jinshan was first known as “Jinbaoli”. Once the largest street in the northern coastline, the street is famous for its tender and juicy “Jinshan duck meat”, as well as the hotsprings in Xindian, that attract large numbers of visitors, local and international. There is really no better way to appreciate Jinshan than from the peak of Shitoushan.

Shimen is the northernmost area of the island as well as the home of wind power. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Shimen Windmill Park is a must-visit to adore its beauty.  Coupled with the emerald-turquoise ocean, it is fast becoming a well-loved “fun-ground” for urbanites and two-wheelers.

A trip to the north must be completed by visiting the century-old Fugueijiao Lighthouse, to sample the traditional meat dumplings and watch the romantic sunset by the bay. The beauty of north Taiwan is indeed enriching and inspirational.

In Sanzhi district, be inspired by the artworks in Juming Museum.

To show off your vitality, be a daredevil and challenge paragliding at the Mustang Paragliding Club and be adrenaline-charged with water-sports at the golden Feicui Beach. Is it the end of the day yet? Not until a seafood feast is devoured. This is holiday bliss.

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