Oil Paper Umbrellas, Treasure of Meinong

Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only)

Welcome to Taiwan
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Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only):

Oil Paper Umbrellas, Treasure of Meinong

Beautiful scenery and a rich culture make Meinong one of the top ten tourist towns of Taiwan. Established since nearly 300 years ago, Meinong’s diversity is the reason why it is a must-see destination.

There’s no need to rush onto the streets of Meinong. Instead, head up the hills to have a complete view of this folk village! Standing at above 100 m, Lion-shaped Peak overlooks the Meinong Plain the way Luye Highlands looks down on East Rift Valley. Understandably so, Meinong is often the first stop for many tourists.  

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After a morning walk around Lion-shaped Peak, take to the streets for a special Meinong-style breakfast. Fried papaya cake is the favourite snack of the older generation, especially in the past when resources were scarce. Add a little garlic puree to the perfect combination of sweet papaya strips and rice and peanut starch, this sweet and salty concoction instantly becomes the tastiest food ever! After the fried papaya cakes, have some handmade sweet rice cakes to start the morning right.

The famous Yong’an Old Street of Meinong is abound with old shops and residences, especially that of Qing Dynasty’s imperial scholars. As such, the street is also called “Scholars Street.” Yong’an Street overflows with Hakka wisdom and romanticism.

Blue Tunic is a Hakka traditional clothing. Made from washable cotton-based material, the simple blue symbolizes the frugality and diligence of Hakka women. Roll the front beveled flap into a cylinder-shaped accessory by the side and it adds a special touch to the tunic. The blue tunic has another significance. In the past, blue tunics were a convenient form of workwear. Now, it has joined the galore of stylish vintage fashion. Stitch by stitch, tailors sew the beauty and intensity of Hakka spirit into each tunic. Have a chat with the tailors and be brought back to the bucolic past of the Hakka village of Meinong.

Meinong in Kaohsiung is the “right hill” of the “6 Hills,” a network of Hakka towns in southern Taiwan. From agricultural production to traditional art, Meinong seeks to display its rich Hakka customs and traditions. This is especially apparent in traditional Hakka architecture. Potters laud Meinong as the place of culmination of pottery in the South (Yingge, in the North). Meinong Kiln produces intricately glazed tiles of unique shapes. Because of the promotion of public ceramic relief murals, Meinong Kiln has gained considerable fame in recent years.

Apart from a diverse natural landscape and strong cultural blend, Meinong is also accompanied by stunning pastoral scenery. To get up close with this lush pasture, cycling is recommended. Mountains stand to the west of Zhongzheng Lake, while farm plots form a semicircle around the lake at the foothills. The breathtaking views and tranquil environment make it very suitable for strolling and cycling. Feel the pristine and laidback lifestyle of Meinong as you ride beside the lake. Also visit the Meinong Hakka Cultural Museum to learn the essence of Hakka culture.

In Meinong, the village once named Jiuqionglin is filled with unexpected surprises, despite most of its residents being farmers who lead simple lives. Immerse in the rustic charm of this town which is ranked among the top ten. Hesitate no more. Join us in this episode to experience the glamour of Hakka culture!

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