Penghu National Scenic Area Part 2

Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only)

Welcome to Taiwan
Penghu National Scenic Area


Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only):

Penghu National Scenic Area Part 2

Magnificent ocean views and the spoilt-for-choices seaside fun; Penghu is an excellent holiday spot to relish in its clear blue skies. Learn stone-weir fishing, an ancient way of trapping fish at low tide in the picturesque Jibei. Quite obviously, you must not miss Penghu’s freshest and sweetest seafood. Not to mention, the many must-try local food such as the braised pork, fish soup and egg rolls. And of course, Penghu’s exclusive dishes cooked with its traditionally preserved vegetables. To experience the villagers’ way of life, start your day early food-hunting - from seafood to sweet snacks, indulge in the most exclusive gastronomic delights of Penghu. From the breath-taking Penghu Columnar Basalt Nature Reserve to the nostalgic traditional old villages; from island-hopping to the spectacular fireworks, let’s “trap” our memories in the Twin Heart Fish Trap, a natural wonder, as we behold Penghu for her innocence and beauty.

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