Romancing Taipei

Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only)

Welcome to Taiwan
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Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only):

Romancing Taipei

Taipei Botanical Garden, a paradise of vitality and greenery, nestles in the hustle and bustle of Taipei City. Located along Nanhai Road, this park is where visitors spend their mornings and evenings, where children learn and play close to nature. With beautiful ponds and tree-lined pavements, Taipei Botanical Garden shows no signs of systematic landscaping. Like a natural forest park, it stands in serenity. It has 17 districts of different themes, serving academic research.

The Lotus Pond forms a lasting first impression in the memories of many locals. During the season when lotuses bloom, wide lotus leaves open their welcoming arms and wave to visitors who stop to admire them. While old scenery continues to enchant, a new attraction, uniquely named as Nanmending 323, has been added. Photosynthesis provides us with a good living environment, and historical architecture and archaeological artifacts educate and inspire us.

Take your time to enjoy Taipei. Besides relaxing in the Botanical Garden, you can also immerse in its rich history. Cultural development makes up an important part of Taiwan’s history, and Huashan is the cradle of Taipei’s art and culture. Huashan 1914 Creative Park was once widely known as Taipei Winery. Because it was a former winery, Huashan is blessed with an expansive space. With an atmosphere of collaborative and avant-garde creativity, the park has now become an important base for Taiwan's cultural and creative development. Come here for a weekend of outdoor recreation, performance art, and cultural inspirations.

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The creative park now boasts a new addition, QAFE Room, a red-bricked traditional building. Unlike the grey cement walls of the old winery, QAFE Room established a unique style particularly in its red-brick wall which gives a sense of familiarity. Complemented with an old fig tree and latticed windows, the red-brick house seems to transport visitors back in time. Sip aromatic coffee as you sit in this house where old and new elements combine, and where art crosses disciplines. Once a winery, now a creative hub, Huashan Creative Park promises to offer an enriching experience.

Fretting over your busy schedule? Take a break and romance Taipei now!

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