Siraya National Scenic Area Part 2

Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only)

Welcome to Taiwan
Siraya National Scenic Area Part 2


Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only):

Siraya National Scenic Area Part 2

The Siraya people are an Aboriginal tribe that once occupied the plains of Taiwan.  There are 5 major recreational systems that contribute to the abundance of irrigation resources in the area.  The reservoirs are akin to water pearls, watching over this piece of beautiful land.

Let’s begin our Siraya tour by appreciating the beauty of reservoir legends.  As dawn breaks and the golden sun rays penetrate, it is an absolute haven for avid photographers.

Yujing, Tainan, is Taiwan’s biggest producer of mangoes.  Devouring the enormous, juicy and fleshy mango desserts, followed by special mango meals, washed down with a pint of freshly brewed mango beer, is sure to fizzle out the summer heat.

Baihe, one of the major districts of Tainan City, is said to be the island’s most unique farm scenery.  Every summer, lotuses blossom most luxuriantly.  Throngs of visitors visit Tainan at this time to see the lotus bloom at its loveliest. With the scent of lotuses filling the air, try your hand at lotus picking and making lotus tea while enjoying the delightful natural environment.

Next, we visit the vast and magnificent Zuomalai Farm.  Everywhere you look is green pasture and forest.  Dubbed as the mini New Zealand, both young and old can enjoy the fun life of “eating grass” and “playing grass” through hands-on DIY experiences.

Complete the Siraya experience by soothing away those muscles at the famous Guanziling mud spring and ending the day with a cup of aromatic locally-grown arabica coffee.

The takeaway of a perfect holiday is to unlock the unknown and explore surprises.  Let Siraya National Scenic Area do that for you!

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