Sleep under the stars (Extreme camping)

Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only)

Welcome to Taiwan
Row, row your boat


Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only):

Sleep under the stars (Extreme camping)

One of Ancient Indian cultures is following the principle of nature and finding proper resources for living through observing animals’ footprints and noticing the change of forest. For the Indians, this kind of skill is called, ‘tracking’. In order to teach people the ancestor’s wisdom of co-habit with nature, the American wilderness survival specialist, Tom Brown, set up a school for lecturing the tracking skill. It attracts lots of people from different fields to join this school. In 2012, a Taiwanese radiologist, Mr. Li, quitted a stable job in the hospital and was away from the city life to follow Tom Brown’s step. He went to America and accepted the education in the institution. The learning process began from setting fire and camouflaging, and learning a harmony way to co-habit with the nature; also, it changed his thinking of life, and his won passion and direction of life as well.

Following the lead of Mr. Li, Alana and the crew went into the mountain and participated activities. Mr. Li taught Alana how to find the clue from the footprint of animal for direction and the change of forest. In this journey, Alana asked him some information about plants and animals which live in the forest. They discussed topics about camping and tracking skills… Setting fire is one of the most important skills for wildness surviving, he taught Alana how to set fire and make a shelter for herself during the night.

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