Stories of Old Houses Part 1

Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only)

Welcome to Taiwan
Stories of Old Houses


Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only):

Stories of Old Houses Part 1

Fucheng (Tainan) etches deep in the hearts of many. Visit Hayashi Department store, the first departmental store in the city, wander through the old streets, and watch how artists rejuvenate the souls of the old houses. Don’t miss out reminiscing the past and sharing stories of the old houses.

In its heyday, the 5-storey Hayashi Department Store was the place to see and be seen. It has since reopened and awakes the memories of many.

During the Qing Dynasty, Wu Tiao Gang was a key trading port. As she flourished, rivers were turned into streets. What are left now are depilated old houses, which to many artists, are gems. Today, it is an avant-garde city.

An ancient dorm, an old movie and a young artist may be seemingly irrelevant elements. Put them together for some explosive sparks – a creative space, an arty hotel and an inspiring artist.

Beside the vegetable garden is an old house. A gentle breeze with a hint of cypress wood makes a beautiful afternoon. An old house in an ancient city, this is the house of Xiao-ou’s paternal grandmother. In this house, there are many memories that give the house an enriching new soul.

Although Tainan does not produce tea, its poetry literary edifies a strong rich culture, in turn evokes sentimentalism in Tainan residents. Hidden in the line-up of tea houses is an inheritance of many generations, as every house tells a story of the yesteryears.

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