Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Part 2

Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only)

Welcome to Taiwan
Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Part 2


Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only):

Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Part 2

Sun Moon Lake is located in Nantou, Yuchi. Start your trip from Shuishe Pier and you will pass by Chiang’s Kai-Shek’s old villa on Hanbi Peninsula. Other highlights include the Wenwu Temple on the mountain top, Ci’en Pagoda and Xuanzang Temple. In the centre of the lake lies an island named Lalu, which has a mysteriously long history.

Hanbi Peninsula, with its locality and shape, makes the perfect spot to admire Sun Moon Lake. From the early days as Mr Chiang’s residence, to the now sophisticated and luxurious hotel, there is no better place to indulge yourself on an aristocracy-like holiday.

Next up has got to be the immensely popular Sun Moon Lake Ropeway, a picturesque aerial ride between Sun Moon Lake and the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.  Travel through time and celebrate the architectural replicas, and enjoy the song-and-dance shows of the indigenous people. Do not miss the relatively new Xiangshan Visitor Centre, which boasts of cutting-edge architectural art.

Sun Moon Lake is home to the country’s hydroelectric power generator. Neighbour to Sun Moon Lake is Checheng, a little rustic village at the end of the Jiji Branch Line. It was a thriving town during the Japanese colonial era. Although it has declined, it has retained its original lustre. Before leaving, be sure to have the “wood bucket bento” and have a hand in DIY carpentry, for a flashback of the past.

Sun Moon Lake’s International Fire and Music Festival is a grand event held every October. Richly endowed by nature, Sun Moon Lake’s vast and green surface is the most fitting atmosphere for music performances and dazzling fireworks. Make a date with Sun Moon Lake for a more enchanting memory.

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