The Harbour Diver City

Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only)

Welcome to Taiwan
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Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only):

The Harbour Diver City

Cultural industries touch hearts and resonate with minds. Originally, Kaohsiung centred its development on heavy industries, but the city has since moved towards aesthetic development, injecting new life into this port. The avant-garde Pier-2 Art Centre is the pride of this evolving City of Aesthetics. Once the site of old warehouses, it has been transformed into an art and cultural hotspot. The latest highlight, a mini train, takes you around the outdoor space, where you can get intimate with the artworks.

The appeal of Kaohsiung manifests in its rich artistic expressions. Next, we will appreciate the beauty of local architecture on wheels. Buildings with outrageous designs surprise you at every corner. China Steel Corporation Headquarters makes a classic example. Built using the tilt-up construction method, the skyscraper features a glass curtain exterior. Its unique facade garnered two first prizes at the New York ArchitizerA+Awards. Kaohsiung Exhibition Centre, which symbolises the ocean, won Taiwan its first Smart Building award. These architectural wonders play an important role in boosting the consumption of culture.

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Continue riding through Kaohsiung city and be enthralled by another architectural feat - the world's first library with a suspension structure! Kaohsiung Main Public Library is also a green building. Apart from impressive architectures, you will also see the natural beauty of this metropolis as you ride along Love River Bike Path. Ducks, egrets, and rich ecological beauty nestle in the surrounding skyscrapers. Lucky you, the people of Kaohsiung, the beautiful nature is right at your doorstep.

Don’t miss the ocean view of this harbour city! Hop onto the Culture Yacht and admire Kaohsiung from different angles. The delightful ocean, traces of the city’s past industrialization, and cultural elements in the aesthetics of architecture – they reflect the depth of Kaohsiung’s creative industry.

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