Tour of Nantou Part 2

Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only)

Welcome to Taiwan
Tour of Nantou Part 2


Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only):

Tour of Nantou Part 2

Nantou lies in the heart of Taiwan. Nantou has warm people, the daunting Houtanjing sky bridge, famous pineapple tarts and many creativity-flaunting opportunities. The Houtanjing sky bridge tops the list as the must-visit attraction in Nantou. Officially opened in 2012, it once saw a historical high of more than 10,000 visitors in one day. Neighbour to the sky bridge is the Houtanjing Recreational Area. Wander into the exquisite European garden and be led to a viewing terrace where visitors get to enjoy some magnificent views.

Nantou’s pineapple production ranks fourth in Taiwan. The pineapples grown on Baguashan produce the most mouthwatering and popular pineapple tarts - the perfect gift for your family and friends.

The National Craft Cultural Park is situated in Caotun, Nantou. Be spoilt for choices by the variety of handicraft workshops that you can join.

Relive the good old days at the Taiwan Times Village, and travel back in time in the maze of re-created old Taiwanese streets, alleys, neighbourhoods and old military villages.

Trees line the way to Zhongxing New Village and the provincial government building of Taiwan. Built in 1957, it is Taiwan’s most beautiful “Garden City”.  Inside, you can find a British themed garden. Hop on a bike and take a ride down memory lane through the historic buildings or simply chill under a tree, enjoying the utter tranquility away from the city.

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