Tour of Taoyuan Part 1

Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only)

Welcome to Taiwan
Tour of Taoyuan Part 1


Welcome To Taiwan (Synopsis Only):

Tour of Taoyuan Part 1

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Taoyuan is Taiwan’s aviation city, where the international airport is. There is a small world, where the fantasy-land of miniatures are. Mini airbuses, mini international airports – you can’t help but feel like you are Gulliver on an adventure. The theme park features a fascinating display of many well-known landmarks. For many, it is a dream to travel around the world. No chance to do it yet? This is just the right place for you.

Admire the lovely lotus blossom under the rays of the summer sun and breathe the air of nostalgia. This is the historic site of Guanyin District, Taoyuan. It is a reminder of the life stories of many generations of farmers, and even more so, the historical significance and development of this popular district. Strolling through the old streets and the lotus gardens is a meaningful flashback to the past. Used to be found all over the place, the compounds exude a sense of “homeliness”. Visit one and be impressed by the literary talents of the ex-residents and discover the traditional values of unity and kinship.

Very often, the Cihu Memorial Sculpture Park is a “must visit” when visiting Daxi, but you must not miss the Daxi Ocean Flower Farm Ranch either. It is Taiwan’s largest flower farm and a popular filming site for many Taiwanese idol dramas. Add it in the itinerary and find yourself teleported into a European manor and be greeted by the sea of breathtaking, colourful periwinkles.

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