Australian surfer killed in shark attack

Australian surfer killed in shark attack

File photo of a shark sighted sign in New South Wales, Australia
FILE PHOTO: A shark warning sign is seen posted on the beach in the northern New South Wales city of Newcastle on Jan 17, 2015. (Photo: AFP / Peter Parks)

MELBOURNE: A 3-metre long shark attacked and killed a 60-year-old Australian man on Sunday (Jun 7) while he was surfing in the north of New South Wales (NSW) state, police said.

Several board-riders came to the assistance of the Queensland man and fought the shark off before pulling him to shore at Salt Beach, near Kingscliff, about 800km north of Sydney.

"He was rendered first aid for serious injuries to his left leg but died at the scene," police said in a statement.

Although shark-related deaths are rare in Australia, it has recorded a number of unprovoked shark encounters with humans.

Australia's beaches with their pumping ocean breaks draw surfers from around the world.

Based on data from the Taronga Conservation Society, a government agency in charge of several zoological parks, Sunday's death would be the third in Australia this year.

There were no fatalities last year.

Source: Reuters/nc