Briton held in Bali after being found with cannabis oil admits he was 'stupid'

Briton held in Bali after being found with cannabis oil admits he was 'stupid'

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Pip Holmes faces up to 15 years in jail after he being arrested for drug smuggling. (Photo:

A British man arrested in Bali for drug smuggling has admitted being "stupid" after he was found with cannabis oil.

"So I'm in a rehab centre/prison in Bali," tweeted Pip Holmes on Monday (Dec 17). "I was arrested with a small amount of THC (a psychoactive compound in cannabis) oil about two weeks ago. Stupid of me, I thought I was past making dumb errors in judgment, but it seems not."

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He is accused of receiving nearly 31g of cannabis oil in the post, and could reportedly face up to 15 years in prison.

In a fundraising page appealing for money to help with legal fees, Holmes said that he had been in Bali for the last two months when he was arrested for drug possession, and that he was reaching out to the public "to help me get out of this stupid mess I've got myself into".

"I’ve been in Bali for the last two months,  exploring this beautiful island," he said. "It's been an amazing trip and I’ve been creating some wonderful art."

"On Monday 3rd December however it all went terribly wrong when I was arrested for possession of a tiny amount of THC oil. Stupid much? Yes very, very stupid."

Holmes and his relatives hope to raise US$100,000 for his case, according to the website.

They also dispute the amount of oil that authorities found in Holmes' possession, arguing that the 31g weight included the weight of the bottles as well as the oil.

"The bottles themselves weigh 28g together making the true total amount of THC approximately 3g including the carrier oil," said the website.

Anything less than 5g would make Holmes eligible for a sentence of around a year in a rehabilitation facility instead, he told BBC.

The father-of-two also said that he has had arthritis for eight years and that marijuana helps alleviate the pain.

"Marijuana makes a considerable difference to the pain - it's not a leisure activity for me," he told the news organisation.

Source: CNA/nc(hm)