Frustrated Ryanair passenger opens emergency exit to leave plane

Frustrated Ryanair passenger opens emergency exit to leave plane

Frustrated Ryanair passenger
Screengrab of a video shows a Ryanair passenger sitting on the plane's wing after opening the emergency exit. (Photo: Facebook/Fernando Del Valle Villalobos)

MADRID: A Ryanair passenger, frustrated at a series of delays to his journey, got fed up of waiting and attempted to leave the plane by opening an emergency exit and stepping onto the wing.

The man, said to be a 57-year-old Polish national, was travelling from London's Stansted airport to Malaga on on New Year's Day, when the plane suffered a number of delays.

After an hour's delay at Stansted, the plane was reportedly held for another 30 minutes on the tarmac after it arrived in Spain.

A video of the incident filmed by fellow passenger Fernando Del Valle Villalobos showed the disgruntled man assessing the possibility of a jump before deciding to sit down on the wing.

“This man decided he wasn’t going to wait any longer,” Del Valle Villalobos told the Daily Mail.

"He activated the emergency door and left, saying: ‘I’m going via the wing’. It was surreal. He sat on the wing for quite a while until the crew managed to get him back inside."

The passenger was subsequently arrested by local police.

"The captain was stunned ... he asked who had got out on the wing," said Del Valle Villalobos, a Spaniard on the flight which arrived around 20 minutes after the planned time late on Monday, told AFP.

A Ryanair spokesman called the incident an “airport security breach”.

"Malaga airport police immediately arrested the passenger in question and since this was a breach of Spanish safety and security regulations, it is being dealt with by the Spanish authorities," he said.

A spokesman for Spain's Guardia Civil police force, meanwhile, said the captain had asked them to intervene, adding they had reported the passenger to air safety authorities.

According to the passenger who was sitting next to the Pole, the man was suffering from asthma and was struggling to breathe.

“It seems nobody noticed that the man who decided to exit the plane was suffering from asthma,” Raj Mistry told the Daily Mail. “He needed air, hence he decided to exit the plane but Civil Guards didn't want to listen to what he had to say.”

“I don't blame him. If a plane is at a standstill for over 30 minutes and you have no freedom and a health condition, you are bound to do something,” he added.

This is not the first time Ryanair passengers have made headlines.

In 2016, a passenger jumped off a disconnected jet bridge and sprinted across a runway to catch a Ryanair plane, after confusing it with his flight to Gran Canaria which was not due for another hour. 

Source: CNA/Agencies/ec