'I laid on top of the kids': Survivors recount horror Las Vegas shooting

'I laid on top of the kids': Survivors recount horror Las Vegas shooting

Las Vegas shooting survivors
A man lays on top of a woman as others flee the Route 91 Harvest country music festival grounds. (Photo: AFP) 

LAS VEGAS: Survivors of the horrific Las Vegas shooting on Sunday (Oct 1) described the chaotic scene and acts of bravery after a gunman opened fire on a country music festival.

Mike McGarry, a 53-year-old financial adviser from Philadelphia, was at the concert when he heard hundreds of shots ring out.

"It was crazy - I laid on top of the kids. They're 20. I'm 53. I lived a good life," McGarry said. The back of his shirt bore footmarks, after people ran over him in the panicked crowd.

Videos that depicted people crumpling to the ground in fear of being shot went viral on social media. Police later confirmed that 58 people were killed and more than 500 were wounded in the attack. 

Corrine Lomas, a woman who was also present at the music festival, told the New York Times that she shielded her younger brother after witnessing people getting shot.

“We were in the middle of the crowd closest to the stage ... we heard a couple of pops, then it stopped. Then all of a sudden it started going again and people started dropping,” Lomas said.

“Every time the crowd got up the shooting started again. I was laying on my brother shielding him. I’m 30, he’s 21. I love him to death; he has more life to live,” she added. 


Meanwhile, Carly Krygier, who was at the festival with her four-year-old daughter, told CNN that she thought the gunshots were fireworks.

“We just heard what we thought were fireworks," Krygier reportedly said. “It took everybody a couple seconds to realise it wasn’t.”

Krygier said she dropped to the ground when she realised what was happening. “I put the baby on the ground and got on top of her," she said. When the gunshots stopped temporarily, Krygier carried her daughter to bleachers and ran to a nearby hotel.

Krygier also told CNN that her daughter did not cry or scream throughout the shooting. “She was amazing and so incredibly brave," she said.

Among the 50 who died was an off-duty police officer. Two on-duty officers were injured, including one who was in stable condition after surgery and one who sustained minor injuries. Police warned the death toll may rise.

Source: CNA/am