In pictures: Cub pouncing on lion wins Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

In pictures: Cub pouncing on lion wins Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Comedy wildlife photography award 1
Sarah Skinner's winning photography taken in Botswana. (Photo: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019/Sarah Skinner) 

A photo capturing a cub about to pounce on a lion at an awkward angle has won the top prize for the 2019 Comedy Wildlife Photography Award. 

It was taken by wildlife photographer Sarah Skinner in Botswana with the caption: "Grab life by the ..." 

"It certainly warms my heart to know that this image will spread some laughter and happiness around the world," said Ms Skinner on the organiser's official website. 

She said the cub "continues to thrive in the pride", having seen it again last month. 

"I can only hope and encourage everyone, as a collective to each do our part in the conservation of all wildlife species, so that future generations can enjoy them" she added. 


Among the highlights of the competition include birds having a "family disagreement", an otter clasping its cheeks in shock, as well as a white bird standing in the wrong place while a rhino relieves itself.

Comedy wildlife photography birds fighting
A "family disagreement" between two birds. (Photo: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019/Vlado Pirsa) 

Otter wildlife photography award
"Oh My!" features an otter clasping its cheeks. (Photo: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019/Harry Walker) 

Rhino peeing wildlife photography award
"Warning! Territory Marking, follow at your own risk." (Photo: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019/Tilakraj Nagaraj) 

Other highly commended shots featured on the website include a sea lion and a penguin doing a chest bump, a camouflaged deer, and a relaxed-looking baby chimp.

Chest bump penguin and sea lion
Tom Mangelsen's photo of a friendly chest bump in the wild. (Photo: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019/Tom Mangelsen) 

Camouflaged deer
"Deer - What Deer?" by Mike Rowe. (Photo: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019/Mike Rowe) 

Laidback baby chimp
A baby chimp looking relaxed. (Photo: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019/Tom Mangelsen) 

Started in 2015, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards was founded with the aim to create awareness about conservation through a light-hearted way. 

Source: CNA/ad(aj)