International sorrow as fire ravages Notre-Dame in Paris

International sorrow as fire ravages Notre-Dame in Paris

Onlookers react as they watch flames engulf Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on April 15, 2019
Onlookers react as they watch flames engulf Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on Apr 15, 2019. (Photo: AFP/ERIC FEFERBERG)

PARIS: International leaders voiced their sorrow and solidarity with the French people after a fire ravaged the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on Monday (Apr 15).

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Here are some of the reactions delivered through statements and tweets.


"Notre-Dame belongs to the whole of humanity. It has inspired writers, painters, philosophers and visitors who have come from all round the world": EU Commission head Jean Claude Juncker.

"Notre-Dame of Paris is Notre-Dame of the whole of Europe. We are all with Paris today": EU Council President Donald Tusk.


"We express our closeness with French Catholics and with the Parisian population. We pray for the firefighters and for all those who are trying their best to tackle this dramatic situation": Vatican spokesman.


"Deeply saddened to see the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris engulfed in flames. It is particularly poignant that this happened during Holy Week. I share the sense of loss of the French people over the damage to their national monument and the treasures it contained ... I hope in time, a rebuilt Notre-Dame will fill the Paris skyline": Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong


"So horrible to watch the massive fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out. Must act quickly!": President Donald Trump.


"My thoughts are with the people of France tonight and with the emergency services who are fighting the terrible blaze at Notre-Dame Cathedral": British Prime Minister Theresa May.

"Prince Philip and I have been deeply saddened to see the images of the fire which has engulfed Notre-Dame Cathedral. My thoughts and prayers are with those who worship at the cathedral and all of France at this difficult time.": Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.


"These horrible images of Notre-Dame on fire are painful. Notre-Dame is a symbol of France and of our European culture. Our thoughts are with our French friends": German Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman Steffen Seibert.


"We are following with alarm the news arriving from Paris of the fire at Notre-Dame, one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. Sad news for our history and our universal cultural heritage": Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.


"A blow to the heart for the French and for us all Europeans": Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.


"Notre-Dame de Paris on fire, a huge emotion, Victor Hugo, a part of the history of France, of Europe. My thoughts and support for our French friends": Prime Minister Charles Michel.


"Shocking images from Paris. An emblem, a cultural heritage of humanity and one of the most beautiful works of art in French history. Notre-Dame is in flames. We hope no one is injured. Our thoughts are with Paris": Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.


The UN cultural agency "stands at France's side to save and restore this priceless heritage": UNESCO secretary general Audrey Azoulay.


"Tonight we pray for the firefighters tackling the tragic Notre-Dame fire - and for everyone in France and beyond who watches and weeps for this beautiful, sacred place where millions have met with Jesus Christ": Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

Source: AFP/ad/zl