Man gets Razer CEO's face tattooed on leg in exchange for free phone

Man gets Razer CEO's face tattooed on leg in exchange for free phone

Razer tattoo
Matt Connelly got a tattoo of Razer's chief executive officer on his leg. (Photo: Facebook / Matt Connelly)

SINGAPORE: How far would you go to get a free smartphone? One Razer fan in the United States bagged himself a new Razer Phone - by getting the face of the company's chief executive officer Tan Min-Liang tattooed on his leg.

It all started when independent contractor Matt Connelly, 28, commented on one of Mr Tan's Facebook posts last month asking whether he could have a phone in exchange for getting a tattoo of his face.

"Lol sure - permanent tattoo and I'll be sure to sign the box when I send it out!" replied the CEO.

The gamble paid off, with Mr Connelly - who lives in Ohio - telling Channel NewsAsia on Wednesday (Dec 6) that he had gotten the tattoo on his right leg and was now in contact with a Razer employee about the phone.

"I did get the tattoo and I'm waiting on e-mail correspondence from an employee at Razer so I can get the phone shipped out," he said.

In a Facebook post, Mr Tan congratulated Mr Connelly and posted photos of the tattoo that the American had showcased on the original thread.

"The Razer Phone has been sold out constantly due to the insane demand and we've been doing everything to keep it in stock ... but there are those who would go to all extents to get a Razer Phone and Matt C has taken it to an all new level - by tattooing my face on himself," he wrote.

"Congrats Matt - well played."

When asked why he had chosen Razer, Mr Connelly said he was a big fan of the company's products.

"I love their products and the quality surpasses anything else I've ever had," he said. "My Razer mice don't break. And I've gone through several different brands previously in a fraction of the time I've had my Razer mouse."

"Built to last unlike anything else because everything else is built to break."

The tattoo took "a little over three-and-a-half hours" to get, said Mr Connelly, adding that it only hurt "in certain areas". 

"I always enjoy having a story behind a piece of art," he said.

A Razer spokesperson on Wednesday confirmed that the company would be sending over one of its phones.

"Our fans show their support for us in the most incredible ways," the spokesperson said. "It drives us to create phenomenal products to earn that kind of loyalty.”

The gaming accessories company unveiled the Android-based Razer Phone - its first smartphone device - in November.

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