Needles found in grapes from Melbourne supermarket: Report

Needles found in grapes from Melbourne supermarket: Report

Australia needle in grapes
A screengrab from a video from 9 News shows needles stuck in two grapes.

MELBOURNE: Australian police are investigating after needles were found in grapes bought from a supermarket in Melbourne.

Mr Skender Hasa and his partner Ms Shams Alsubaiy were snacking on a bag of seedless green grapes on Tuesday (Jan 1) after dinner when Ms Alsubaiy, who is pregnant, pricked herself picking up a grape.

“When we cut it open, there was a needle stuck through it,” Mr Hasa told 9 News Melbourne on Wednesday.

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He said the grapes were bought the day before from an outlet of Australian supermarket Woolsworth in their Melbourne suburb of Cragieburn. 

Two needles were found after the couple cut open every grape in the bag.

needles in grapes australian couple
A screengrab from a 9 News video of Mr Skender Hasa and Ms Shams Alsubaiy, who found needles in grapes they bought from a Melbourne supermarket.

Police have confirmed the incident is being investigated, while Woodsworth said in a statement that it was aware of the incident and “will work closely with the authorities as they investigate the matter”.

The incident comes after a fruit contamination scare in September last year when more than 200 cases of needles hidden in strawberries were reported in Australia.

The crisis caused major supermarkets in Australia and New Zealand to take all strawberries off the shelves, farmers to pulp their produce and prompted Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to label the sabotage as akin to “terrorism”.

In November, a 50-year-old woman who worked at one of the strawberry farms where the tampered fruit were grown was arrested and charged with contaminating goods.

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“I was just shocked, scared. I thought this was all over and done with,” Mr Hasa said, referring to the strawberry contamination scare.

“Thank God I didn’t eat them,” said Ms Alsubaiy. “I am pregnant and I don’t want anything to happen.”

She said the incident has left them shaken, so much so that the couple probably would not eat fruit for the next few months.

Source: CNA/ec(cy)