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Kind cleaner

She was sick and didn't have food, so this foreign worker gave her his lunch

Bangladeshi national Kalam Mohd Abu was washing the sixth-floor corridor of Block 103 Commonwealth Crescent when an elderly resident asked him for ...

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Artist’s Impression of proposed Kallang Riverside Park waterfront

Land acquisition, soil treatment at former Kallang Gasworks for Kampong Bugis redevelopment

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

Healing for free at 83: The doctor helping Jakarta's poor

For this veterinarian-turned-doctor, 'retirement' meant being able to devote himself full-time to healing those who couldn't ...

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The 11-year-old math marvel
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The 11-year-old math marvel

(dp) OTRD wonder kid gymnast 3

‘I miss my friends': A 10-year-old Singaporean's sacrifice for her Olympic dream

Facing depression: A family man's journey to the brink and back
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Facing depression: A family man's journey to the brink and back

pp) Tapestry Trash10

CNA Lifestyle

Best dessert Singapore The Dark Gallery waffle

The best dessert spots in Singapore to indulge your cravings

From cakes and tarts, waffles and s’mores, to a 3-course omakase dessert menu – paired with sake.

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avengers infinity war red carpet event marina bay sands robert downey jr iron man smiles

Is Avengers: Infinity War the end of Iron Man?

how to get cheap business class deals chua enlai

How to fly business class without paying full price

Music soundtrack for work or home

Why listening to Beyonce will make your life better

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CICU teaser insider

Inside the children's ICU

When your child teeters between life and death, these are the doctors and nurses who stand and hold the line.


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Money Mind

Money Mind

We'll tell you how to make the most of your money but also why money is not an end in itself and connecting financial goals to your life goals is ...



Perspectives involves leading thinkers and influencers from government, private sector, think tanks, foundations and live audience to discuss key ...

Love in A Time of Change

Love in A Time of Change

This series explores history through the lens of personal romances - the tragic and revolutionary, the loyal and long-lasting, and the passionate ...

Maverick Politicians

Maverick Politicians

A mistaken image of Asia is that of a timeless and traditional place where convention and conservatism rule.  Maverick Politicians sets the record ...

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If unilateral and tit-for-tat actions escalate into trade wars, the multilateral trading system that has brought countries prosperity for decades will be severely undermined.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, on trade measures by the United States

PM Lee Hsien Loong announcing the RIE 2020 plan on Friday (Jan 7). (Photo: Xabryna Kek)
Singapore There will be no winners in a trade war: PM Lee
A party without renewal ... a party without new blood will die a natural death.

Low Thia Khiang, former Workers’ Party secretary-general

Low Thia Khiang WP Rally 2 Sep
Singapore Pritam Singh elected new WP chief, succeeding Low Thia Khiang
There will be no Malay tsunami in the 14th general elections. I am not saying we are the best party in the world but the alternative is awful.

UMNO treasurer-general Salleh Said Keruak, on the upcoming Malaysia general election

Salleh Keruak
Asia Barisan Nasional will retain parliamentary majority: UMNO treasurer-general
We will continue to fight this abusive regime. This action provides an even stronger evidence that they must be removed if we want to bring back integrity into our institutions.

Wan Saiful Wan Jan, Supreme Council member of PPBM, the political party formed by Mahathir Mohamad

wan saiful wan jan - ppbm
Asia Mahathir Mohamad's political party provisionally dissolved
I think for too long we’ve depended on the Government. We say, ‘They have to look after this. Why aren’t they doing this? Why aren’t they doing that?’ I think we, as ​​​​​​​citizens must do something because what we do in Singapore could be that example and light for the world.

Dr Goh Wei Leong, co-founder of healthcare charity HealthServe

New Content Item
Singapore Singaporeans need to make sacrifices for migrant worker welfare: On the Record with Dr Goh Wei Leong, HealthServe
I want to do better than I did before because I wouldn’t want to stay the same … As a lot of people say, if you want to win, you have to win against yourself first.

10-year-old Pan Annan, on making sacrifices to chase her Olympic dream

(dp) OTRD wonder kid gymnast 3
CNA Insider ‘I miss my friends': A 10-year-old Singaporean's sacrifice for her Olympic dream

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