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World's longest sea bridge linking China, Hong Kong and Macau

China opens world's longest sea bridge linking Hong Kong, Macau, Zhuhai

The world's longest sea bridge connecting Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China was launched on Tuesday at a time when Beijing seeks to tighten its ...

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USGS map of Taiwan quake Oct 23

5.7-magnitude quake hits Taiwan, tremors felt in Taipei

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Lifestyle rhythm breaker DINING 1

CNA lifestyle

Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro best seafood in Singapore

10 best seafood joints in Singapore: S$3 oysters, kopi crab and kelong freshness

Seafood lovers, you'll want to bookmark this for future reference. And, yes, we said kopi crab.

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

The wasted treasure in e-waste, and why it's tricky to recycle

Singaporeans throw out 120kg of used electronics a minute – throwing away some of the world’s scarcest minerals like gold and ...

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Insight Section 377 India main

How did conservative India come to repeal S377’s ban on consensual gay sex?

TP Maids CCTV 1

Spying on maids with CCTV – where do we draw the line?

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Golden Mile CNA Insider 2 main

Golden Mile Complex: Faces and ages

The hidden spaces, and untold stories, behind the Singapore landmark at the centre of a conservation debate.


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Cram Course Asia

Cram Course Asia

School's in session in Asia, with crash courses for students of ALL ages, in ANY subject. In Beijing, kids learn to "man up" at a boys boot camp ...

Every Woman

Every Woman

Today, Singaporean women can choose to climb corporate ladders, be full-time mums or even conquer the world’s steepest summits. These ...

INSIGHT Opening Title FY1819


Insight investigates and analyses topical issues that impact Asia and the rest of the world.

Money Mind

Money Mind

We'll tell you how to make the most of your money but also why money is not an end in itself and connecting financial goals to your life goals is ...

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asian voices

I hit a wall when the car started to flip. Around five to six people were thrown out of the carriage door … There was no time to ​​​​​​​think what happened.

Train passenger Henry Tseng, who was on board one of the overturned carriages

All eight carriages on the Puyuma Express train in Taiwan were derailed and five flipped onto their
Asia ‘I smashed the glass and crawled out’: Passengers on derailed Taiwan train tell of narrow escape
We don’t hear about corruption anymore. People can deal with the government without having to pay bribes. And if we go abroad, no one asks us what's going on in our country anymore.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad

File photo of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad
Asia Corruption now a thing of the past in Malaysia, says Mahathir
I recognise that it is easier to do bilateral and regional deals, but these should be building blocks and not stumbling blocks towards a global agreement.

Singapore Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat on the US-China trade war

Heng Swee Keat
Business World has to be prepared for 'fairly prolonged' trade war: Heng Swee Keat
The first time an adversary knows you’re in his battle space is when something important to him is destroyed.

F-35 international business development director Steve Over, on the jet’s stealth capabilities

F-35 stealth
Singapore F-35: How the fifth-generation fighter jet might take RSAF to the next level
I should have been there to save her from whatever she was planning ... I (was) a failure as a brother ... I knew then, it was time for me to step up and be a brother to my siblings, a son to my parents.

Serial convict Imran, on what drives him to stay out of prison

Five-time convict Imran speaks to Channel NewsAsia a month after his latest release
Singapore ‘Doing the right thing has never been easy for me’: A serial convict’s journey
This dream has been 10 years in the making and now I finally feel like I’ve received the validation to pursue my passion in the culinary world.

MasterChef Singapore winner Zander Ng

MasterChef Singapore winner Zander Ng 2
Lifestyle Zander Ng crowned winner of the first edition of MasterChef Singapore

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