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<!DOCTYPE HTML> <!-- This is how HTML comments look like --> <html> <!-- the title will appear on the page--> <head> <title>Employee Interests Survey</title> </head> <body> <!-- as it is a survey form, we will need to submit the details, hence we use form --> <!-- We can give absolute url, or relative url like /nextpage.jsp, and specify POST or GET method --> <form action=""> <!-- If we remove this, every thing will move to the left of the page--> <div align="center"> <!--Adds a heading to the form--> <h1>Employee Interests Survey form</h1> Enter your name: <!-- Input type text for small texts, specify size --> <input type="text" name="UserName" size=35 maxlength=35 value=""> <!--Adds spaces - remove and see what happens --> </br></br> Enter your department: <input type="text" name="Deptt" size=35 maxlength=35 value=""> </br> </br> Tell us a little about yourself: <!-- For writing lot of text like descriptions with text wrapping, if you dont want text wrapping, you can add wrap = "off" (horizontal scrollbar --> <textarea name="Comments" cols=30 rows=4></textarea> </br> </br> Do you exercise at home? <!-- Radio buttons help you choose one out of the many values --> <input type="radio" name="exe" value=1>Yes <input type="radio" name="exe" value=2>No </p> How do you like to read about your favorite topics? <p> <!--Checkbox lets you select multiple options --> <input type="checkbox" name="Books">Books <input type="checkbox" name="Web">Online resources <input type="checkbox" name="Phone">Phone apps <input type="checkbox" name="Magazines">Magazines </p> What genre of movies do you like? <!--Select box lets you choose one of the multiple dropdown options--> <select name="moviepref" ><option> <option value=1 selected = "true">comedy <option value=2 >romance <option value=3 >thriller <option value=4 >horror <option value=5 >biopic </select> </br></br> <!--submits the information entered in the form by the user --> <input type=submit value="Submit form"> </div> </form> </body> </html>