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Blowgun darts found in pigeons in Jurong West: ACRES

Blowgun darts found in pigeons in Jurong West: ACRES

A wildlife rescue group found two pigeons with blowgun darts in them at Jurong West on Feb 28, 2020. (Photo: Facebook/ACRES)

SINGAPORE: Wildlife rescue group Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) said on Monday (Mar 2) that it has filed a police report after two pigeons were found with darts embedded in their bodies.

ACRES said it was alerted on Feb 28 by a member of the public, who had rescued a rock pigeon with a dart in its body at 864 Jurong West Street 81.

When ACRES arrived at the scene, another pigeon was found with two similar darts in its body, before flying away.

The rescued pigeon is currently recovering and will undergo a procedure to remove the dart safely, said ACRES.

The darts found were blowgun darts of about 10cm in length.

Cases have been filed with the police and National Parks Board for investigation, ACRES said.

"We suspect that some individual/s has access to a blow pipe or a dart gun in this location or the surrounding area and has used it on these birds," ACRES wrote in a Facebook post.

"It is not only an act of cruelty and violence to put the innocent birds through pain and suffering, but possession of such weapons or sale of such items online should be strictly regulated considering the pain they can cause to any animal or human on whom it is targeted at."

A sample photo of blowgun darts. (Photo: Facebook/ACRES)

Anyone with relevant and useful information on the case can contact ACRES at acrescrime [at]

Source: CNA/nh(hm)


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