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Police nab e-scooter rider who allegedly hit woman in Bedok

Police nab e-scooter rider who allegedly hit woman in Bedok

Image of a man suspected to have ridden his e-scooter into a woman at an overhead bridge near Block 151, Bedok Reservoir Road (Images: Singapore Police Force, Google Street View)

SINGAPORE: A 23-year-old man suspected of knocking down a woman while riding an electric scooter has been arrested, said the police in a news release on Thursday (Mar 15).

He was arrested along Bedok North Street 3 on Wednesday, one week after the alleged incident.

The police said they received a report on Mar 7 that a woman had been knocked down by a man riding an e-scooter along Bedok Reservoir Road. The woman sustained head injuries as a result of the accident.

Family members had posted on Facebook over the weekend that the woman, 45-year-old Goh Lay Yong, had been admitted to the intensive care unit at Changi General Hospital.

Speaking to Channel NewsAsia on Thursday, Ms Goh’s aunt shared that her niece had to have a portion of her right skull removed to alleviate swelling, and is currently fitted with an artificial skull. Future surgery may also be needed, said the aunt, who identified herself as Mrs Ong.

Ms Goh is still in intensive care, and although still weak and unable to talk, her condition is improving and she has been "responsive" to friends and family who have visited her, her aunt said.

Ms Goh is also still on a liquid diet, but the family is “happy” with the progress she is making, Mrs Ong said.

Mrs Ong told Channel NewsAsia she hopes that this "sad" incident will serve as a cautionary tale to other electric scooter riders. 

She also called on the Government to tackle the issue of errant electric scooter riders.

“We understand that this transportation is helpful for those who have difficulty moving around. But [these electric scooters] should only be used by those who follow the rules, and not modify them.”

Commenting on the arrest of the man suspected of knocking down her niece, Mrs Ong acknowledged that he may “feel bad” about the incident, but also warned others against regretting only “when something happens”.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the man was unable to stop his electric scooter in time and had collided with the woman, police said.

The suspect then fled the scene after calling for an ambulance.

He will be charged on Friday with committing a rash act causing grievous hurt. If convicted, he faces up to four years in jail and/or a fine of up to S$10,000.

Source: CNA/zl


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