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Bike-sharing users who encounter missing or damaged QR codes may appeal for waiver: LTA

Bike-sharing users who encounter missing or damaged QR codes may appeal for waiver: LTA

Bicycles from different bike-sharing service providers at one of the designated parking spaces. (Photo: Kenneth Lim)

SINGAPORE: Bike-sharing users who are charged service fees when they encounter missing or damaged QR codes while parking may submit an appeal to the respective companies for a waiver, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said on Tuesday (Jan 22). 

In response to queries from Channel NewsAsia, the LTA spokesperson said these users may submit the appeal with the necessary evidence, and the companies will assess the validity of the report before deciding if the user will be charged an S$5 additional hire fee.

LTA's statement came after users across Singapore reported teething issues with the new QR-code system, including damaged or missing QR codes at various parking zones.

The new system, which aims to encourage responsible parking habits, kicked in last Monday.

"As with the implementation of any new large-scale systems, some users may experience on-site technical issues during the initial phase of using the QR code parking system," said LTA. 

It added that users who encounter issues such as missing or damaged QR codes or technical glitches are advised to take a photo of the bicycle parked properly and report the issue to the bike-sharing app they are using. 

LTA requires bike-sharing companies to report parking areas with damaged or missing QR codes daily, and will ensure the replacement of these QR codes "as soon as possible", it said.

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Channel NewsAsia highlighted on Monday faulty QR codes in places across the island including Changi Road and Punggol Way.

LTA added that it has checked the missing or damaged QR codes located at the areas mentioned in Channel NewsAsia's report, and confirmed that there were issues with Mobike's app in these parking zones. 

It added that Mobike is working to resolve these issues.

However, LTA noted that the QR codes were in working condition when the other bike-sharing apps were used.

The authority also outlined to bike-sharing users the following steps to adhere to when ending their trips: 

  1. Look for a bicycle parking zone (yellow box or parking racks)
  2. Park bicycle in the bicycle parking zone
  3. Lock the bicycle manually
  4. Scan the QR code when prompted
  5. Receive verification of proper parking

LTA added that users who encounter other app-related problems and glitches, should report these issues to the operators. 

"LTA will continue working with the operators to make adjustments so as to improve user experience while ensuring that the objective of managing indiscriminate parking is met," the spokesperson said.

QR codes have been installed at yellow bicycle parking boxes and bicycle parking racks at more than 22,000 locations islandwide, including MRT stations, HDB void decks, bus stops and parks.

Source: CNA/am(hm)


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