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CNA debunks fake tweet announcing school closure due to coronavirus outbreak

SINGAPORE: A fake screengrab of a CNA tweet was circulated widely on social media on Friday (Feb 7) saying that all schools including polytechnics and universities are to close next Monday due to the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak.

This is untrue and CNA did not send such a tweet.

The image, which is being circulated on messaging app WhatsApp, appears to have been a doctored screengrab of another tweet sent out by CNA. 

This was the original tweet:

One sign that the circulating screengrab is fake is that tweets sent out by automation service would not include hashtags.

The doctored image also includes other tell-tale signs. For instance, it is watermarked with an outdated logo. CNA's parent company Mediacorp changed its logo in 2015.

Source: CNA/kk


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