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Decathlon closes golf test zone at Kallang store after incident which fractured customer's nose

Decathlon closes golf test zone at Kallang store after incident which fractured customer's nose

Michael Kwok being attended to by paramedics after getting injured at a Decathlon store on May 7, 2021. (Photos: Michael Kwok)

SINGAPORE: Decathlon Singapore said on Saturday (May 8) it has closed the golf test zone in its Kallang store, after an incident where a customer may have been hit by a golf ball. 

Engineer Michael Kwok, 40, said in a Facebook post that he was shopping with a few friends at Decathlon Singapore Lab at about 10.30pm on Friday when something hard hit him in the nose. 

"While we were walking and chit-chatting, out of a sudden, something hard flew over and hit my nose area from the left side of my eyes and a very loud thud was heard," Mr Kwok wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday. 

He said he felt dizzy after that, lost his balance and fell. 

"Blood was flowing out non-stop from my nose," he added. 

Photos posted by Mr Kwok show a puddle of blood next to his face. Paramedics are seen attending to him. 

"I heard one of the staff said it was a golf ball that hit me," said Mr Kwok in his Facebook post. 

In response to CNA's queries, Decathlon said it is investigating the incident and analysing CCTV footage at the store, adding that it closed the golf test zone immediately after the incident. 

"While our test stations have prominently displayed precautionary signages, we are now actively reassessing our testing stations and are committed to preventing a similar situation from happening in future," said a spokesperson.

“We are extremely sorry for the accident that Mr Kwok experienced at the Decathlon Singapore Lab. We treat all our customers of Decathlon Singapore as friends and our customers' safety is of utmost priority to us."

The Singapore Civil Defence Force said it received a call for assistance at 230 Stadium Boulevard at about 10.50pm on Friday. One person was taken to Singapore General Hospital.

According to Mr Kwok, X-rays show a bone fracture at his nasal bridge.

"The doctor said I would need to wait for a few days for the swelling to subside before going back to the hospital to see an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist on how best to re-align my nose back," he said.

Mr Kwok questioned why people are allowed to test golf clubs and balls in an enclosed area.

"From the golf-testing area to me is actually very far, more than 10-20m away. If the ball had hit my eyes, I would be blinded," he said.

Source: CNA/ic(gs)


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