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Direct Admission Exercise starts for JCs

Direct Admission Exercise starts for JCs

The incoming batch of freshmen at Yishun Junior College on the first day of school. (Photo: Ruyi Wong)

SINGAPORE: Students interested in applying to enter junior colleges in 2020 through the Direct School Admission – Junior College (DSA-JC) exercise can start visiting the websites of the participating schools for more details from Monday (May 13).

The exercise allows students to gain direct entry to JCs based on talents and achievements that may not be demonstrated in O-Level examinations.

Upon admission, students can develop these talents further in their JCs. 

There are 20 schools participating in the 2019 DSA-JC exercise, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said in a media release on Monday (May 13).

Each school will have its own start date and deadline for applications.

Students participating in the exercise are still required to take the GCE O-Level examination and their results must meet the eligibility criteria for admission to the school.

If a student is successful in their DSA application, they will need to decide whether to take up the offer before their examination results are released, added MOE. 

Those who accept an offer of admission through the DSA exercise are expected to honour a commitment to develop their talent in the chosen area in that school.

They will also not participate in the Join Admission Exercise (JAE) and will not be allowed to transfer to another school after obtaining their results.

Students can visit the MOE DSA-JC website for important dates and timelines, as well as to find out how the exercise will be conducted. 


All five polytechnics will be participating in the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) this year, said MOE in the release.  

Applications via EAE open from Jun 27 to Jul 3 for students taking O-Levels, and from Jun 6 to 12 for Institute of Technical Education (ITE) students.

Students who wish to apply for the polytechnic EAE may need to submit portfolios, and undergo interviews and aptitude tests, and showcase their talents and achievements in areas such as sports and leadership.

Those who are successful will receive a conditional offer and must meet the minimum requirements for the offered polytechnic course in the examination results. If the offer is accepted, the students will not be eligible to participate in other polytechnic admission exercises, or transfer to another course within or between schools. 

Similarly, graduating N- and O-Level students can apply for early admission to ITE Nitec and Higher Nitec courses respectively through the ITE EAE from May 21 to May 27. 

If successful, students will be given conditional offers and their final examination results must meet the minimum requirements for the offered course. 

Those who have accepted a place via the ITE EAE will not be eligible to participate in the joint admissions exercise for Higher Nitec courses, or Joint Intake Exercise for Nitec courses. 

MOE said students who accept these offers are expected to honour their commitment to their choice of course. 


Working adults applying for entry to polytechnics starting academic year 2019, can do so from Jun 6 to Jul 3, said MOE. 

This only applies to Singapore citizens and permanent residents.

Working adults would would like to be considered for admission under the exercise "will generally need to have at least two years of relevant work experience", said MOE.

In their applications, they will need to submit employment records, as well as employer recommendations, where available. 

"The polytechnics will holistically assess applicants’ work experience to determine the relevance of the competencies and skills gained over the course of their work to their course of interest," said MOE. 

The ministry added that applicants who are found suitable, but whose past academic grades do not meet the minimum requirements, will go through supplementary assessments to demonstrate that they have acquired the prerequisite competencies for their chosen course. 

Students interested in the DSA-JC, Polytechnic EAE or ITE EAE are advised to visit the websites of participating institutions for more details before the start of the respective exercises, MOE said. 

Source: CNA/na/ad(hm)


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