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Former Indonesian first lady Ani Yudhoyono treated for blood cancer in Singapore

Former Indonesian first lady Ani Yudhoyono treated for blood cancer in Singapore

The former first lady has been hospitalised at NUH since Feb 2. (Photo: Twitter/Agus Yudhoyono)

SINGAPORE: The wife of former Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is being treated for blood cancer at the National University Hospital, Yudhoyono said on Wednesday (Feb 13).

Kristiani Herrawati, 66, better known as Ani Yudhoyono, has been hospitalised since Feb 2, he said.

“I ask for prayers from everyone that God will cure my beloved wife so that she can continue her activities back home,” the Democratic Party chairman said in a press conference in Singapore.

He also thanked President Joko Widodo, the government and all well-wishers for their support.

Democratic Party executive Andi Arief said on Tuesday that Indonesia's presidential medical team is working with doctors in Singapore.

"Pak Jokowi has instructed the presidential medical team to work together with doctors in Singapore for Ibu Ani Yudhyono’s recovery, as mandated by the law,” he said on Twitter.

Democratic Party spokesperson Imelda Sari said on Tuesday that Ani Yudhoyono is in a "stable condition", The Jakarta Post reported.

Ani Yudhoyono with her family. (Photo: Twitter/Agus Yudhoyono)

Yudhoyono also spoke of his wife's support for him, in particular during his 10 years as Indonesia's leader between October 2004 and October 2014.

“As a husband, of course, I will remain at her side. I know that she is a strong person. She has accompanied me through thick and thin,” the 69-year-old said.

The couple married in 1976 and have two children.

Source: CNA/jt(aj)


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