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GE2020: Candidates kick off campaigning on Nomination Day

GE2020: Candidates kick off campaigning on Nomination Day

Singapore Democratic Alliance's Desmond Lim, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong with Singapore Democratic Party’s Benjamin Pwee, and Progress Singapore Party's Leong Mun Wai. (Photos: Hanidah Amin, Marcus Ramos, Gaya Chandramohan)

SINGAPORE: Candidates started campaigning by distributing flyers and going door-to-door to speak to residents after Nomination Day proceedings on Tuesday (Jun 30).

Dressed in their respective party's colours, the candidates visited hawker centres, shopping malls and hit the streets to speak to voters in their constituencies.


Candidates from the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and People’s Action Party (PAP) started campaigning shortly after submitting their papers at one of the nine schools assigned as nomination centres. 

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National Development Minister Lawrence Wong from the PAP and the SDP’s Benjamin Pwee were seen distributing flyers and engaging residents at Yew Tee MRT station.

Both parties successfully filed nomination papers at Chongfu School hours before, and it will be a straight fight for the four-member Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC.

At around 5.30pm, Mr Wong was seen chatting with residents, with some asking him if they could take photos or selfies with him.

When Mr Pwee arrived an hour later, he greeted Mr Wong with a fist bump.

National Development Minister Lawrence Wong from People's Action Party greets Singapore Democratic Party's Benjamin Pwee with a fist bump. (Photo: Goh Chiew Tong)

Mr Pwee said he was “very confident” in the SDP team and the reception he received from residents over the past year has been “sweet”.

“There’s a lot of local, municipal issues like cleanliness, rat infestations, lift upgrading. A lot of them feel that they’ve not been looked after enough,” he added.

“We’re here to make them feel like we know them ... we want to give them the attention that they deserve.”

Singapore Democratic Party's Benjamin Pwee at Yew Tee Point on Jun 30, 2020. (Photo: Marcus Ramos)

The other candidates from SDP’s team, Mr Bryan Lim Boon Heng, Mr Damanhuri Abas and Mr Khung Wai Yeen, were also seen interacting with voters.

Helmed by Mr Wong, Minister of State for Manpower and National Development Zaqy Mohammad, backbencher Alex Yam and newcomer Hany Soh make up PAP’s team for Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC.

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The Singapore Democratic Alliance team posing for a photo at Pasir Ris on Jun 30, 2020. (Photo: Hanidah Amin)

Candidates from the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA), led by party chief Mr Desmond Lim, were also out and about in Pasir Ris on the evening of nomination day. 

The team was seen distributing flyers outside Pasir Ris MRT station and visiting neighbouring flats, where they gave out masks printed with the SDA logo.

Mr Lim was accompanied by the party’s chief media officer Harminder Pal Singh, 48, secretary-general Abu Mohamed, 69, and new faces Kelvin Ong and Kuswadi Atnawi. 

SDA will be fielding its only team in the five-seat Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC. The party has contested in the GRC in the last three elections against the PAP. 

Singapore Democratic Alliance's Harminder Pal Singh giving a flyer to a member of the public on Jun 30, 2020. (Photo: Hanidah Amin)

When asked about new entrant Peoples Voice, Mr Lim said that SDA is “not very worried” as they have been serving the residents here for the past 13 years.

“Our team is very ready and very suitable,” said Mr Singh. “We are serious enough to come back again and again.”

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Progress Singapore Party's candidate for West Coast GRC Leong Mun Wai. (Photo: Gaya Chandramohan)

Progress Singapore Party (PSP) candidate for West Coast GRC Leong Mun Wai was also seen out and about in the evening.

Along with PSP members and volunteers, Mr Leong went door-to-door at HDB blocks in Jurong West, which is part of West Coast GRC.

Progress Singapore Party's Leong Mun Wai poses for a photo with a resident on Jun 30, 2020. (Photo: Gaya Chandramohan)

Along with the party's secretary-general Tan Cheng Bock, Ms Hazel Poa, Mr Jeffrey Khoo and Mr Nadarajah Loganathan, the PSP team will be up against a PAP team led by former Members of Parliament (MPs) S Iswaran, Foo Mee Har, along with Desmond Lee, Ang Wei Neng and new face Ms Rachel Ong.

Mr Leong said he had been going door-to-door to about 500 units and had spent about two hours at his fifth block introducing himself to residents, distributing leaflets as well as snapping photos with some of them.

Speaking to reporters after his outreach session, Mr Leong said the response had been a good one, but this might not necessarily translate to votes for the PSP.

“As you all can see, actually the response is very good. But of course we don’t know if this translates into votes. (It's my) first time in politics so maybe in the past the alternative parties also received this kind of response but didn’t get the votes, we don’t know," he said. 

"In the past we see rallies with thousands of people attending, but it didn’t translate into votes. We don’t know, we really have to see if this time is different.”

Mr Leong, who is assistant secretary-general of the party, said that the PSP had identified four- and five-room flats such as the ones his team had visited as potential "swing votes" for the party.

"We have actually identified all these four and five-room flats as the first target that we will go for because we think these are the swing votes,” he said. 

“It is quite a number for certain wards. For example, I can tell you our analysis for Tanjong Pagar is (made up of) about 40-50 per cent (of these flats). But over here (in Jurong West) is 60-70 per cent.”

Concerns regarding the use of the Central Provident Fund and as well as over jobs were some of the issues raised by residents during his interaction with them, Mr Leong added.

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