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GE2020: NSP pledges to serve as full-time MPs if elected, says party chief in broadcast

GE2020: NSP pledges to serve as full-time MPs if elected, says party chief in broadcast

Mr Spencer Ng from the National Solidarity Party speaking during a party political broadcast on Jul 9, 2020.

SINGAPORE: Candidates from the National Solidarity Party (NSP) would serve as full-time Members of Parliament (MPs) if they are elected, said secretary-general Spencer Ng in a party political broadcast on Thursday (Jul 9).

In his speech, Mr Ng also said that voters would get NSP MPs who have expertise in managing town councils and who would represent the interest of residents in Parliament.

He thanked the “warm welcome” extended by residents during the campaign period, saying their support gave NSP “the resolve to continue this fight for fairness and accountability in our Parliament”. 

“But what are you voting for exactly in this General Election?” he asked. 

“If you vote PAP (People’s Action Party) candidates, they are not going to say no to policies that will cost you - policies such as 9 per cent GST (Goods and Services Tax) and more expensive HDB (Housing and Development Board) flats,” he said.  

“They are not going to fight for you as long as their party whip keeps them in line. They are just ‘yes men’.”

In addition, candidates from the PAP would be “part-time MPs” who “rely on external managing agents to run your town councils”, said Mr Ng. 

“So let us burst this myth that only PAP knows how to run town council,” he said. 

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Mr Ng also addressed concerns that Singapore might lose “valuable ministers” if they were to be voted out in the election, singling out two individuals - Environment and Water Resources Minister Masagos Zulkifli and Education Minister Ong Ye Kung.

“(Mr Masagos) declared in 2017 that the 30 per cent increase in water tax after GE2015 is to allow consumers to feel the full price of the water,” said Mr Ng.

“(Mr Ong) insisted on charging parking fees in schools on teachers whom many have forked out their own money and valuable family time for their students' benefit,” he said, adding that the moral compass of the PAP was “money above all”.

“So I say, let us have better ministers for these two ministries in the next government,” he said.

Mr Ng listed the things voters would receive with NSP MPs. 

“What do you get when NSP MPs are serving you? If you are okay with the performance of part-time PAP MPs (who) may hold multiple full-time jobs or directorships, I believe you will be overjoyed with full-time NSP MPs along with their expertise in managing your town councils,” he said. 

“The deal gets sweeter as we will represent you in Parliament to address policies that are fundamentally unsound or unfair to you,” he said, adding that residents would also get “more responsive PA (People’s Association) grassroots advisers in your constituencies”. 

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NSP is fielding 10 candidates in Sembawang and Tampines GRCs.

“For our Sembawang and Tampines GRC residents, your vote holds tremendous power. You can decide to give the PAP another five years of blank cheques or a government that is more consultative and responsible to you,” said Mr Ng. 

“Our country needs a broad and diverse Parliament with members who care for its citizens and the future of our nation and hold themselves accountable to the citizens. Politics is not just for politicians. It is for every citizen. So make your vote count.”

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Source: CNA/az


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