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GE2020: Peoples Voice wants to develop 'fairer, more prosperous society', says Michael Fang

GE2020: Peoples Voice wants to develop 'fairer, more prosperous society', says Michael Fang

Michael Fang from Peoples Voice speaking during a Party Political Broadcast on Jul 2, 2020.

SINGAPORE: Peoples Voice party aims to deliver “a fairer and more prosperous society for the many, and not just the privileged few”, its representative for the party political broadcast Michael Fang Amin said on Thursday (Jul 2).

In his speech, Mr Fang claimed that since the People’s Action Party (PAP) came into power, income inequality in Singapore has widened. 

“Singapore today is an example of a society where inequality abounds. The Prime Minister earns S$2.2 million a year whilst a cleaner may earn only slightly in excess of S$14,000,” he alleged.

“In other words, the Prime Minister earns almost 152 times that of a cleaner. The income disparity between the elite and the privileged, and the lowest income groups, is obscene.”

Mr Fang, a medical administrator, called the ruling party’s immigration, housing, social security, jobs and healthcare policies “disastrous”. He said these have resulted in the state becoming richer, at the individual’s expense.

For example, he said that people have been paying “top prices” for their HDB flats on the promise that their property’s value will not fall, only to be told that their apartments are "worth zero" and will be returned to the state after the leases come to an end.

Mr Fang also touched on the issue of foreigners working in Singapore. “Many of you also rightfully feel very aggrieved that the jobs which you were previously doing are now being done by foreigners, and that the standard of living of your family has plunged and you may even be in financial difficulties, because you have lost your jobs,” he said.

He also used a parenthood metaphor to refer to the current Government. “A father who provides for alien children whilst allowing the breakfast, lunch and dinner of his own children to be stolen is a bad father,” he said.

Mr Fang said his party will always fight for Singaporeans to have the best-paying jobs in the country.

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For one, his party has advocated for a freeze on all S-Passes and a “dramatic reduction” in the number of the Employment Passes, he said.

 “There are many Singaporeans who are well qualified to do the jobs which are paid S$2,400 and above, and are deprived of doing them because these jobs are presently done by foreigners,” he said. 

“We need to regain our country, our dignity, and our future by restoring the balance of power in favour of the Singapore people.”

He added: “For Peoples Voice, it will always be about putting people first and making Singapore our home again”.

Peoples Voice is fielding 10 candidates in this election. Mr Fang is contesting in the Jalan Besar Group Representation Constituency together with party chief Lim Tean, Mr Leong Sze Hian and Mr Nor Azlan Sulaiman.

Source: CNA/rp


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