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GE2020: Peoples Voice wants to bring accountability, transparency into Parliament, says Lim Tean

GE2020: Peoples Voice wants to bring accountability, transparency into Parliament, says Lim Tean

Mr Lim Tean from the Peoples Voice party speaking during a party political broadcast on Jul 9, 2020.

SINGAPORE: The Peoples Voice (PV) aims to bring “accountability and transparency firmly into Parliament”, its party chief Lim Tean said in a televised party political broadcast on Thursday (Jul 9).

Mr Lim noted that this year’s General Election has been “called early” by the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) and “inexcusably” during a COVID-19 pandemic when the number of daily cases remains at three digits.

The campaigning period of just nine days is also “the shortest campaign period in the democratic world”, he said.

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“Campaigning is now over and the future of Singapore rests in your hands,” he said.

“Are we on the eve of another five years which benefit only the privileged few, and where the great many will see an ever-increasing drop in their standards of living, and in the evaporation of their dreams for themselves and their next generation?”

He added: “Your CPF (Central Provident Fund) being further stretched away from your grasp, depreciating HDB (Housing and Development Board) leasehold values, more increases in the price of our utilities, increase in public transport fares, 2 per cent added to your GST (Goods and Services Tax), your medical records hacked, the incessant increase of immigration and of course, more debacles such as the recent foreign worker dormitories fiasco which has left us with 45,000 COVID-19 infections.”

No government is perfect, said Mr Lim, adding that all governments, ministries and departments make mistakes and mishaps.

“But you know what is unique about this PAP Government? Not a single apology, not a single resignation or step down, no accountability at all. Zero,” he said.

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Mr Lim claimed that the PAP adopts a “self-named ‘no blame culture’ and yet are paid the highest salaries in the world”.

“When it comes to accountability and transparency, Singaporeans are left sorely wanting from the present PAP Government,” he said.

“Peoples Voice will bring accountability and transparency firmly into Parliament, unafraid to raise the tough questions demanding the PAP explain their policy ideas and plans.”

He also claimed that the ruling party wants voters to believe that “it is because of their system that Singapore runs so well”, and that “the good men and women who keep this country running, safe, secure and healthy are only doing their jobs that way because of the PAP”.

“This is an untruth and this is arrogant,” he said.

A vote for PV will “ensure that the next five years will be about putting people first so that together we can make Singapore our home again”, he added.

“It is time for us to regain our dignity, our country, our future!”

Peoples Voice is contesting 10 seats this election in two Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) - Jalan Besar and Pasir Ris-Punggol - and the Mountbatten single-seat ward.

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