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GE2020: HR managers should not be foreigners, says Peoples Voice party chief Lim Tean

GE2020: HR managers should not be foreigners, says Peoples Voice party chief Lim Tean

Peoples Voice party chief Lim Tean. (Photo: Facebook/ Lim Tean)

SINGAPORE: Human resource manager jobs in Singapore should not be done by foreigners, said Peoples Voice (PV) party chief Lim Tean on Tuesday (Jun 30).

Mr Lim held a virtual talk on Facebook Live where he spoke about party’s plans and criticised the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP). 

“If PV was to form the government, let me say this, no HR manager’s job would go to a foreigner,” Mr Lim said, adding that he has heard “horror stories” of Singaporeans who had to turn up for interviews with foreign HR managers and went through “very demeaning" experiences.

“Singaporeans are well-equipped with that skill set,” he said.

While foreigners are welcomed in Singapore, the PV would never allow a foreigner’s interest to surpass the interest of a Singaporean, Mr Lim added.

During his talk, Mr Lim urged voters to “talk to your family members, your friends (and) your relatives” and said he wanted to hold the PAP government "to account".

That was why he decided to lead a "strong team" in Jalan Besar GRC to challenge the PAP team led by Manpower Minister Josephine Teo. 

Mr Lim is heading a team comprising blogger Leong Sze Hian, medical administrator Michael Fang Amin and halal certification auditor Azlan Sulaiman against the PAP team in the fight for Jalan Besar GRC. 

Besides Mrs Teo, the PAP team includes Senior Minister of State for Defence Heng Chee How, Central District Mayor Denise Phua and new candidate Wan Rizal Wan Zakariah, a polytechnic senior lecturer.

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“This election, especially Jalan Besar, is about Josephine Teo and the incompetence of the PAP,” he said, citing Mrs Teo's reply in Parliament about the COVID-19 outbreak in foreign worker dormitories and the "circuit breaker" that he said affected many businesses and jobs.

“Josephine Teo is at the heart of this battle in Jalan Besar, because not only is she symbolic of the arrogance of the PAP, she is the one minister (who) has plunged us into the abyss as far as COVID-19 is concerned,” he said, adding that his party has been doing walkabouts in Jalan Besar since February last year. 

"I decided to lead a strong team to challenge Josephine Teo and her PAP colleagues in Jalan Besar GRC. And let me say this: 'We are not there to make up the numbers … we are there to win, and we are confident of winning'." 

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Mr Lim promised that every PV candidate, if elected, will attend every Parliament session “unless there are compelling reasons”, and argued for a law that would make it compulsory for Members of Parliament (MPs) to do so. 

He called the lack of a full house during parliamentary sittings “a disgrace”.

Elected members of his party would “not miss a single sitting” unless they have no choice but to do so, Mr Lim said, calling it a “duty” for MPs to attend every sitting.

The party chief, who is also a lawyer, said that all sittings should be broadcast live, noting that other countries have television channels dedicated to Parliament sittings.

He ended the session by urging voters to give the opposition a chance at the polls, saying that the country will not improve if the PAP is given “an overwhelming power at every election”, even with Non-Constituency Members of Parliament (NCMP).

On Monday, the PAP’s Indranee Rajah raised the subject during an online press conference, saying that NCMP seats, which were increased from nine to 12 in 2016, assures the opposition that they will have a voice in Parliament. 

But Mr Lim said on Facebook that it is the “number of duly elected MPs that count” when it comes to forming the Government.

“NCMPs may have voting rights, they may have whatever, they are a very weak force simply by virtue of the fact that their number do not count when it comes to the formation of a Government,” he added. 

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Source: CNA/rp(mi)


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