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George HW Bush represented 'finest of the Greatest Generation': PM Lee

George HW Bush represented 'finest of the Greatest Generation': PM Lee

Former US president George Bush - seen here in 1992 - served one term as head of state. (Photo: AFP/J David AKE)

SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong described the late George HW Bush as one who represented "the finest of the Greatest Generation", in a tribute to the 41st American President.

In a Facebook post on Sunday (Dec 2), Mr Lee, while attending the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, said he was saddened to hear of the former US leader's passing.

"He represented the finest of the Greatest Generation, and served his country with courage, devotion, compassion, and humility. He never lost his sense of adventure, and even went skydiving to celebrate his 90th birthday!"

Mr Lee added that he remembered President Bush's state visit to Singapore in 1992 which was the first by a US President.

"President Bush was a dedicated statesman, and at the same time a devoted husband and father. My thoughts are with his family," he said.

PM Lee added that he has written to the late leader's son and former US President George W Bush and his family to offer his deepest condolences.

George HW Bush, who helped steer America through the end of the Cold War, died on Friday at age 94.

His body will arrive at the US Capitol on Monday and lie in state through Wednesday morning. The public will be able to line up to view Bush's casket continuously from Monday evening until Wednesday morning.

Bush's passing comes just months after the death in April of his wife and revered first lady Barbara Bush - his "most beloved woman in the world" - to whom he was married for 73 years.

He is survived by his five children and 17 grandchildren.

Source: CNA/mn


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