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Got a question for the police? Ask Inspector Clif on Facebook

Got a question for the police? Ask Inspector Clif on Facebook

Singapore Police Force's new online avatar, Inspector Clif. (Image: Facebook/Inspector Clif)

SINGAPORE: Meet Inspector Clif, the Singapore Police Force's (SPF) new digital avatar.

Online users can ask him questions and find information related to security and safety on Facebook.

Inspector Clif - whose name is an acronym for the police core values courage, loyalty, integrity and fairness - was launched on Friday (Nov 29) to increase crime prevention and deterrence efforts and online engagement. 

In a news release, police said he will also support SPF's social media campaigns to address issues such as property-related crime, scams and traffic matters.

Inspector Clif will assume the character of a real police officer, though he will use a more conversational tone and be more approachable in engagements.

This is to help make SPF’s online presence more recognised, relatable and personable, police said in a news release.

Regular posts can be expected on his Facebook account. These will feature content such as crime prevention advisories and trending issues related to safety and security, they added. 

He will also post personal anecdotes on the daily life of a police officer, as well as offer advice and clarifications related to safety and security to other Facebook pages.

Inspector Clif was created to “stay abreast of digital consumption trends and engage the increasing number of Singaporeans who are using online platforms to source for information and for interaction”, police said.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police Serene Chiu said: “Singaporeans are highly active in the digital sphere, and the Police are continuously exploring new ways to help raise awareness of safety and security issues in Singapore.

“We hope Inspector Clif will become the go-to source for the online community on such issues.”

Source: CNA/ga(mn)


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