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Hidden from plain sight: The high-tech security systems that ensure guests' safety at Jewel Changi

Hidden from plain sight: The high-tech security systems that ensure guests' safety at Jewel Changi

Jewel Changi Smart Operations Centre (Photo: Certis)

SINGAPORE: The light show at Jewel Changi has just ended on a crowded Saturday night and visitors are making their exit from the popular shopping mall and lifestyle destination at Changi Airport.

The crowd makes a smooth exit on escalators which have been programmed to move in just one direction.

This was made possible by Mozart, a platform developed by security firm Certis, which integrates and analyses data from 12 different systems with over 5,000 sensors, more than 700 CCTVs and over 200 mobile devices.

It allows officers to make quick decisions in situations like crowd control as well as dealing with security incidents. The platform is part of the Security+ suite of advanced, integrated facilities management, security and guest experience hardware and software deployed at Jewel’s Smart Operations Centre. 

"I think the escalators (are) an interesting point because nobody expected the crowd watching the (light) show to be so (big) ... that kind of analytics help us make sure that you got no choice but to make both escalators go up during those timings," said senior vice president and head of Certis Aviation Security, Benny Lim, when the suite was revealed to the media on Thursday (Jun 20).

The escalators will then be switched to travel in alternate directions when the crowds have thinned out, he added.

Mr Lim cited other pre-emptive as well as predictive operational insights that have been developed from analysing data. These include allowing Certis to better monitor carpark traffic, which has resulted in more efficient deployment of crowd control manpower.

In fact, 15 per cent fewer Certis officers are needed at Changi Jewel compared to other major attractions because of the system, which has been in place since October 2018, said Mr Lim.

Jewel Changi Smart Operations Centre, where Certis' Mozart data and security platform is deployed. (Photo: Certis)

There is also a mobile app to help the security officers and facility management crew at Jewel Changi be more efficient in their work.

For example, staff can use to app to pinpoint where an escalator has broken down or a spillage needs to be cleared.

There are also standard operating procedures pre-installed in the app for officers and crew to follow through to help with guest relations and security.

The Argus mobile app enables Certis security officers and facilities management crew to be more efficient in managing security and guest relations at Jewel Changi Airport. (Photo: Hanidah Amin)

Certis has also deployed a fully autonomous robot to ensure smooth vehicular traffic flow.

Located at the kerbside entry at level two, Certis says the "PETER" or Patrol and Traffic Enforcement Robot helps reduce human intervention by having the ability to detect vehicles that flout the no parking and waiting rule at the kerbside.

Armed with wide-screen LCD displays and speakers, PETER is able to screen traffic enforcement messages and play audio advisory alerts. The robot is also connected to the Jewel Smart Operations Centre via live video streaming.

Certis' robot enforcement officer known as PETER (Patrol and Traffic Enforcement Robot), patrols the kerbside outside JEWEL Changi airport to ensure smooth traffic flow with minimal human intervention. (Photo: Hanidah Amin)

Certis said it is looking to deepen its partnership with Jewel Changi.

"By looking (after) the back end, we are looking after the safety of the visitors. Then Jewel can focus on what they do best (as) they take care of the experience of the visitors," said the company.

Source: CNA/ac


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