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LTA interview 'went well', says Go-Jek driver in viral 'hostage' video

LTA interview 'went well', says Go-Jek driver in viral 'hostage' video

Screenshot of a viral video showing the Go-Jek driver Kamaruzzaman bin Abdul Latiff and the passenger.

SINGAPORE: The Go-Jek driver involved in a viral video said his interview with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Thursday (Feb 7) "went well". 

When asked by Channel NewsAsia what happened during the interview, Mr Kamaruzzaman Abdul Latiff said: "What I can tell you is that the interview went well. LTA will make a decision after listening to the other party." 

In response to media queries from Channel NewsAsia, LTA confirmed officers met the driver on Thursday morning and have requested to meet the passenger so that they "can have a fuller picture of the incident". 

The authority earlier said on Tuesday (Feb 5) it was looking into an incident involving a Go-Jek driver and his passenger, and that it needed to hear both sides of the story.

The incident was captured on video which has since been shared thousands of times.

In the video that appeared to have been taken from driver Kamaruzzaman Abdul Latiff's mounted mobile phone, the passenger could be heard accusing him of trying to "cheat" her after he apparently took a route that passed an Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantry and required her to pay a fee. 

Mr Kamaruzzaman told Channel NewsAsia that during the interview with LTA, he was asked why he recorded the incident, why he uploaded the video on social media, why he wanted to drive to the police station if the trip was "cut short" and what happened before the recording. 

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He also mentioned that he was unsure if LTA had met the passenger to discuss the case. 

"Not sure if they already met. No info was given to me," said Mr Kamaruzzaman. 

He added that he was advised by his wife to "lay low" for the time being. 


Mr Steve Tan, partner at law firm Rajah & Tann and personal data protection expert, told Channel NewsAsia that drivers of vehicles like taxis and ride-hailing companies need to seek "consent" from the passenger before recording them because the vehicle cabin is a "private space". 

"Before you can even record a person, you're collecting that person's image and personal data, you definitely need consent, unless there is an exception to that requirement of consent," he said. 

A possible exception could be if the passenger was the one who started recording the incident first, said Mr Tan. 

"It could be the case where, if she started recording first, then he could say, 'Hey hang on, she's recording me, so I'll record you as well.' Can we perhaps then argue that she's given him deemed consent because of the circumstances of the case," Mr Tan added.

"If that's the case, then he's alright. He hasn't breached the consent requirement under data protection law."

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Mr Tan pointed out that another exception to the case was if the video was used for an investigation, but he said that posting the video on social media could be a breach of data protection. 

"From the perspective of putting it on Facebook, he shouldn't have done that. Potentially it could amount to a breach of data protection. If anything, he should have handed it over to the authorities, so they can rely on it to conduct an investigation," he said.

Source: CNA/am(mi)


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