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Lucky Plaza accident: I could have been killed, if I hadn't gone to buy chocolate

Ms Luz Rivera was part of a group of friends having a party at the walkway near Lucky Plaza on Sunday (Dec 29). She happened to leave early, before a car crashed into the group, killing two people and injuring four others.

Lucky Plaza accident: I could have been killed, if I hadn't gone to buy chocolate

Ms Luz Rivera (left) and her best friend, Laila Laudencia. (Photo: Courtesy of Luz Rivera)

SINGAPORE: On her Sunday off, Ms Luz Balanon Rivera would head to her usual spots to meet her friends: The open space near Somerset MRT, or the walkway near the Lucky Plaza taxi stand. 

On Sunday (Dec 29), Ms Rivera, 52, had been invited by her best friend, Ms Laila Laudencia, to an informal party at the Lucky Plaza walkway. It was a popular gathering place and was crowded that day, with people singing and dancing. 

A photo circulating on social media of paramedics attending to victims after an accident at Lucky Plaza on Dec 29, 2019.

At around 4pm, she left the party to accompany another friend, Sahle, who wanted to buy some chocolate in the mall.

"When I left, they called me back to eat the food, but ... I wasn’t hungry," Ms Rivera told CNA. "I walked past Abigail and Arlyn. I wasn’t as close to them, but we smiled at each other."

She told them she would be right back, but that was the last time she saw Ms Leste and Ms Nucos alive. 

Sisters Arceli (left) and Arlyn Nucos were both in a horrific car crash outside Lucky Plaza on Dec 29, 2019. Arlyn died from her injuries while Arceli was warded in hospital. (Photos: Facebook)


Abigail Leste, 41, and Arlyn Nucos, 50, were killed on Sunday in a car crash at Lucky Plaza that also left four other people injured: the latter's sister Arceli Nucos, 56; cousins Egnal Limbauan, 43, and Demet Limbauan, 37; and Ms Laudencia, 44.

All of them were Filipinos working in Singapore. 

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A 64-year-old male driver was arrested on Sunday for dangerous driving causing death, police said. He is a driver-partner with ride-hailing firm Grab and he has been suspended while investigations are underway.

Ms Rivera told CNA that she would have stayed with Ms Laudencia at the walkway, if not for her friend Sahle, who was intending to return to the Philippines and wanted to buy some chocolate for her family.

“On that day, she was not feeling well and wanted to leave early, and she wanted me to accompany her to buy the chocolate," she said. “She kept nagging at me to go with her."

After buying the chocolate, they visited a remittance shop on the third level of the mall. It was there that she heard about the accident. 

"We were all shocked," she said. 

She called Ms Laudencia, who didn’t pick up her phone, and she started to panic. 

“I left her more than 20 missed calls,” she said. 


Ms Rivera heard "a lot of shouting and screaming” from inside the mall, but did not know what had happened. Together with her friends, she tried to go to the accident site, but was blocked by the police cordon.

"I heard someone call Laila’s name, and said she was among the injured,” she said. “We were all panicking and crying."

She cried with her friends and they comforted each other in the mall. By then, it was late and she had to return to her employer’s place. 

She only managed to get in touch with Ms Laudencia’s niece, Jean, hours later, at around 8.30pm.

That was when she found out that Ms Laudencia had been sent to the hospital with a fractured leg, and that Ms Leste and Ms Arlyn Nucos had died. 

"Jean told me she was holding Laila’s phone, but was shaking so badly she couldn’t pick up my calls," she said. 


Ms Rivera was in shock the whole evening and took time off work on Monday to calm down. 

Ms Laudencia and her niece were her neighbours in the Philippines and she knew them well, she said.

A cordon erected near the entrance of the Lucky Plaza apartment block after a car ran onto a walkway and knocked down pedestrians on Dec 29, 2019.

"She's a very good friend to me, always sharing her food because she’s a very good cook," she added. “She was also working very hard because she is ... supporting two children in the Philippines."

Ms Laudencia, she said, had introduced her to Abigail Leste and Arlyn Nucos. Though she didn’t know them well, she said they were always happy to share their food with her whenever she met them. 

She was sad to hear about their deaths but also grateful for her own narrow escape. 

“I’m so thankful I went with Sahle,” she said. “I don’t know what would have happened to me otherwise.”   

Source: CNA/hm


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