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2 women charged with involvement on illegal supply of luxury items to North Korea

2 women charged with involvement on illegal supply of luxury items to North Korea

File photo of handcuffs. (Photo: TODAY)

SINGAPORE: Two women were charged in court on Friday (Jun 26) for failing to provide information to the police about the illegal supply of luxury goods worth more than S$6 million to North Korea. 

Sherly Muliawan, 41, faces 79 charges under a United Nations Act which prohibits any person in Singapore or Singaporeans outside of the country from selling or supplying luxury items to North Korea.

The Singapore permanent resident was an employee of T Specialist International, which had supplied the items to North Korea between Nov 23, 2010 and Jan 5, 2017, the Singapore Police Force said in a news release.

According to court documents, the luxury items which includes wines and spirits, were sent to Bugae Shop in North Korea. 

T Specialist International was fined S$880,000 last year, while its director was sentenced to two years and 10 months' jail for a variety of offences.

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Singaporean Lam Hon Lan, worked at SCN Singapore and faces 43 charges for offences committed between Dec 27, 2010 and Nov 18, 2016.

Police say the 40-year-old also handled administrative work for two other firms implicated in the case, Laurich International and Sindok Trading. 

Investigations by the Commercial Affairs Department revealed that the companies supplied luxury items including precious jewellery and watches with previous metals to North Korea. 

Court proceedings for the three companies are ongoing, said the police.

The court heard that Lam intends to plead guilty when she returns on Jul 21, while Muliawan plans to do the same on Jul 29.

Offences committed under the Act before Mar 10, 2014, can result in a jail term of up to five years, fined, or both. 

If the offence was committed after Mar 10, 2014, the person may be jailed for up to 10 years, fined, or both. 

"Singapore takes its obligations under the United Nations Security Council Resolutions seriously. 

"We will not hesitate to take action against any individual or entity that breaches our laws and regulations," said the police.

Source: CNA/jt(ta)


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