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Man admits pushing CNB officer, causing him to fracture his hip while trying to evade capture

Man admits pushing CNB officer, causing him to fracture his hip while trying to evade capture

Screengrab from Google Street View of the multi-storey car park at Block 667A, Woodlands Ring Road.

SINGAPORE: When a group of plainclothes Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) officers tried to apprehend two men for suspected drug offences, one of them tried driving away before jumping out of the car window and pushing an officer, causing him to fall onto his hip and fracturing it.

Muhammad Nabilah Yusoff, 29, pleaded guilty on Tuesday (Feb 9) to a charge each of voluntarily causing hurt against a public servant and affray. Another two charges will be considered in sentencing.

The court heard that five CNB officers in plainclothes were observing a black Mitsubishi Lancer for possible drug-related offences on May 21 last year.

The vehicle was parked in a corner lot at Block 667A Woodlands Ring Road, beside a slope, with an elevated ledge separating the car from the slope.

At about 1.50pm that day, Nabilah and a 28-year-old man walked towards the black car. The CNB officers approached them and identified themselves, but Nabilah and his companion ran towards their vehicle and jumped in.

Nabilah took the driver's seat and tried to drive away, but was blocked by the CNB officers, who drove their vehicle in front of the Mitsubishi Lancer to stop their escape.

Nabilah accelerated against the CNB vehicle, but could not drive off. His companion was arrested by the officers, who smashed the windows of the Lancer.

Nabilah climbed to the rear passenger seat, intending to escape through the smashed rear window. One of the officers squatted on the elevated ledge beside the door of the rear passenger seat and told Nabilah to stay inside.

However, Nabilah used a motorcycle helmet to push the victim, before jumping out from the rear window with enough force to get over the ledge.

As he leapt out, he used the helmet to push the victim, causing him to fall from the ledge for about one metre. He landed on his hip on the ground, feeling a sharp pain in his thigh.

The victim rolled down the slope together with Nabilah, grappling with him as they went. Three other CNB officers pinned Nabilah down and arrested him for drug offences including possession and consumption of drugs.

He was sent to a drug rehabilitation centre for a year on May 28, 2020 after his urine sample tested positive for methamphetamine.

The CNB officer was taken to hospital with a fractured hip and tenderness in his shoulder and elbow. He was admitted to hospital and given 54 days' hospitalisation leave along with physiotherapy after surgery.

Nabilah also admitted to an unrelated incident at Tanjong Katong Complex in June 2019, where he joined in a fight near a pancake stall over a staring incident.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Heershan Kaur asked for at least 42 months' jail and a fine of S$1,500, noting the harm caused to the victim in the CNB incident and the fact that the tussle drew eight calls to the police from members of the public.

Nabilah had continued to evade arrest and three CNB officers were required to pin him down, said Ms Kaur.

Nabilah, who was unrepresented, asked for leniency, saying that he has a daughter and was remorseful.

"For what I've done, I feel very remorseful, for what I did to the CNB officer. I was not thinking right," he said, adding that he has sent a letter of apology to the victim. 

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The judge adjourned sentencing until after the outcome of an appeal by a man in a similar case - Lee Cheng Yan, who has been convicted of voluntarily causing grievous hurt to a public servant by dragging him with his Maserati in an escape bid.

Nabilah will return to court for sentencing in March. 

Source: CNA/ll


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